When play­ing a big fish close to the boat, I try to do a com­bi­na­tion of the fol­low­ing:-

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t,FFQ NZ SPE UJQ BCPWF UIF XBUFS ɨJT HJWFT NF more visual on my line and what di­rec­tion the fish is swim­ming. t "MXBZT MFBWF BU MFBTU POF SPE MFOHUI PG MJOF CFUXFFO UIF tip of the rod and the fish. t 4MBDLFO Pê ZPVS ESBH TMJHIUMZ JO DBTF ZPVS ëTI NBLFT B sud­den re­treat. I have wit­nessed so many big fish lost like this, with the drag too tight. I some­times do the un­think­able! I dis­en­gage the thumb bar on my reel (free spool). I am now in to­tal con­trol of any sud­den move the fish might make, by us­ing the pres­sure of my thumb on the spool. Al­ways ready to en­gage my reel to con­tinue to play and land my fish. t%FQFOEJOH IPX UIF ëTI JT IPPLFE BOE TBZ UIF ëTI is swim­ming in a clock wise di­rec­tion. If the hook is prop­erly lodged, keep the fish mov­ing in the same di­rec­tion. Hors­ing a big fish and chang­ing di­rec­tion can eas­ily dis­lodge or tear the hook free and an­other sad story un­folds. Bad luck? No, in­ex­pe­ri­ence! t *G B ëTI KVNQT DMPTF UP UIF CPBU LFFQ JUT IFBE VQ VOUJM it is in the net.

tiɨF OFU w 5P VTF B OFU PS OPU )PX NBOZ UJNFT JO prac­tice does one lip land your fish? Big or small, and never lose a fish? In a com­pe­ti­tion one feels one must of iDPVSTF VTF B OFUw BOE IPX PGUFO EP UIJOHT HP IPSSJCMZ wrong? I have seen major com­pe­ti­tions lost this way. The big­gest prob­lem is that the land­ing net was too small in the first place, or your part­ner is too an­guish to get that big fish in the boat and pushes the net into the fish. The hooks ei­ther get caught in the net or the fish is spooked and the hook comes loose. There is no right or wrong way when de­cid­ing to use a net. One must make the call in that sit­u­a­tion. When us­ing a land­ing net, al­ways bring the fish over the net. I like to keep the net tight (less chance for a hook to get caught in it) and once the fish is over the net, let go so that the fish can slip down into the bot­tom of the net. Some an­glers like to scoop up the fish from be­hind. I pre­fer head first. When lip land­ing a big fish, peo­ple are in too much of a hurry to get the fish into the boat.

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