Stalking a hartebeest

SA Jagter Hunter - - NEWS - By DA­NIE GEEL

O­ver the last few y­e­ars I’ve been for­tu­na­te e­nough to ha­ve wal­ked and stal­ked a num­ber of a­ni­mals whi­le hunting with my bow. In my o­pi­ni­on a walk-and-stalk hunt is wit­hout a doubt the most re­war­ding way for a bo­w­hun­ter to hunt.

Don’t get me wrong, I en­joy hunting from a tree stand just as much and I ha­ve u­sed a hi­de to har­vest a num­ber of a­ni­mals. But w­he­ne­ver I can, I de­fi­ni­te­ly pre­fer stalking, e­ven if the chan­ces of success are slim.

The hartebeest cow re­fer­red to in the ar­ti­cle that I hun­ted with the walk-and-stalk met­hod.

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