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SA Jagter Hunter - - INHOUD -

Af­ter the gre­at success of the 828 U pro­ject star­ted in 2015 with the Black and Sil­ver ver­si­ons a­vai­la­ble with 26” and 28” bar­rels, Be­nel­li is pre­pa­ring to ex­pand the ran­ge of o­ver and un­der 12ga hun­ting shot­guns by in­tro­du­cing the fol­lo­wing ver­si­ons: the 828 U with a 30” bar­rel, the 828U L.H. and the 828 U Com­pact. The lat­ter has a length of pull of 34.5cm, that can be ex­ten­ded to 35.5cm (828 U Com­pact Plus) re­pla­cing the stan­dard butt pla­te with the op­ti­o­nal long butt pla­te. The 828 U is a­vai­la­ble with fi­ve lengt­hs of pull: 34.5-35.536.5-37.5 and 38.5cm.

The 828 U Left-Hand: Be­si­des being a­ble to con­vert the 828 for left-hand hun­ters thanks to the Per­fect Fit­ting sy­stem (the drop and cast ad­jus­t­ment sy­stem is al­re­a­dy pre­sent on all mo­dels), the 828 U Left-Hand al­so of­fers a top­le­ver de­sig­ned spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for left­han­ders.

The na­me of Be­nel­li’s new o­ver and un­der sym­bo­li­ses its dis­tincti­on and u­ni­que o­ri­g­ins. “828” is the num­ber that i­den­ti­fies the his­to­ri­cal town of Ur­bi­no in U­nes­co’s list of Wor­ld He­ri­ta­ge Si­tes. And “U” is the i­ni­ti­al of Ur­bi­no, the old Du­chy of Fe­de­ri­co da Mon­te­fel­tro – the des­ti­na­ti­on of so ma­ny of the gre­at minds of the 15th cen­tu­ry. The new 828 U com­bi­nes the ar­ti­stry of the past with the techno­lo­gy of the fu­tu­re.

The new 828 U is a true Be­nel­li, a shot­gun that ex­pres­ses the O&U con­cept in a to­tal­ly o­ri­gi­nal way, so far from con­ven­ti­o­nal bre­a­kacti­on mo­dels that it con­sti­tu­tes a w­ho­le new class of gun.

O­ver and un­der de­signs ha­ve chan­ged very litt­le o­ver the y­e­ars, and the mar­ket was ri­pe for im­pro­vement. Be­nel­li the­re­fo­re sei­zed the op­por­tu­ni­ty to in­tro­du­ce ra­di­cal im­pro­vements and to of­fer the O&U u­ser gen­ui­ne, tan­gi­ble be­ne­fits. The ti­me was rig­ht to set a new stan­dard for o­ver and un­der shot­guns by not on­ly in­tro­du­cing sty­lis­tic chan­ges, but al­so by re-thin­king the w­ho­le O&U con­cept in terms of form and functi­on. By star­ting from scra­tch, they ha­ve been a­ble to im­pro­ve on the very be­st o­ver and un­der shot­guns on the mar­ket.

An O&U has to be e­a­sy to hand­le, the­re­fo­re needs to be lig­ht and well ba­lan­ced. But lig­ht weig­ht al­o­ne has litt­le va­lue wit­hout bal- lis­tic per­for­man­ce, and max­i­mum con­t­rol. On top of t­his, e­ven a gun with the be­st per­for­man­ce and hand­ling cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cs is not much good in the field un­less it is al­so to­tal­ly re­li­a­ble and com­ple­te­ly sa­fe.

T­his may sound pret­ty ob­vi­ous, but any shot­gun ex­pert could tell you that the on­ly way Be­nel­li could a­chie­ve the­se ob­jecti­ves was to re­vo­lu­ti­o­ni­se the de­sign of the o­ver and un­der. It is u­ni­ver­sal­ly accep­ted that the lig­h­ter a gun is, the fas­ter and mo­re ef­fecti­ve­ly a hunter can hand­le it. On the ot­her hand, it is al­so com­mon kno­w­led­ge that if a cer­tain weig­ht/po­wer ra­tio is ex­cee­ded the gun ac­tu­al­ly starts to be­co­me mo­re dif­fi­cult to con­t­rol. Be­a­ring all t­his in mind, one of the first re­qui­re­ments for the new mo­del was: weig­ht be­low or not ex­cee­ding 3kg, plus the la­test ge­ne­ra­ti­on Full Com­fort sy­stem that re­du­ses felt re­coil.

In Be­nel­li’s pa­ten­ted locking sy­stem, the lock­pla­te forms a per­fect se­al with the bar­rel mo­no­block. T­his me­ans that all the e­ner­gy ge­ne­ra­ted by fi­ring is en­ca­sed by the lock­pla­te and mo­no­block, re­du­cing stress on the hin­ge pins.

By in­cor­po­ra­ting t­his ad­van­ced locking sy­stem in an a­lu­mi­ni­um re­cei­ver, Be­nel­li has succee­ded in cre­a­ting an O&U shot­gun that weighs less than 3kg, but is al­so ex­tre­me­ly strong and per­fect­ly ba­lan­ced.

The re­coil and muz­z­le ri­se re­ducti­on sy­stem is a re­mar­ka­ble fe­a­tu­re in an O&U, and e­ven mo­re ex­tra­or­di­na­ry if com­ple­men­ted by ful­ly­ad­jus­ta­ble drop and cast.

The­se con­cepts – all in­no­va­ti­ve in the field of o­ver and un­der shot­guns – ha­ve been in­cor­po­ra­ted in Be­nel­li’s (pa­ten­ted) Pro­gres­si­ve Com­fort sy­stem and per­fect fit­ting, which of­fers ef­fecti­ve re­coil re­ducti­on, to­get­her with in­ter­chan­ge­a­ble re­coil pads and combs, and fi­ne ad­jus­t­ment of drop and cast with 40 pos­si­ble con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on.

Be­nel­li’s new 828 U o­ver­co­mes the con­ven­ti­o­nal bar­riers of drop and cast and lets you cu­s­to­mi­se your shot­gun quick­ly and e­a­si­ly.

With the 828 U, e­ver­y­bo­dy can en­joy per­fect shoul­de­ring and aim thanks to the li­mit­less ways in which drop and cast can be ad­jus­ted to meet per­so­nal needs.

O­w­ning the new Be­nel­li 828 U o­ver and un­der shot­gun me­ans tailo­red com­fort and max­i­mum accu­ra­cy.

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