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Any footwear u­sed for wal­king, stal­king and hunting s­hould be lig­ht, com­for­ta­ble and du­ra­ble. No­bo­dy has ti­me (or the de­si­re for blis­ters) to spend weeks or mont­hs bre­a­king in new boots. So w­hen you pack your kit for a week in the bush, you ge­ne­ral­ly start with your most com­for­ta­ble pair of boots. And t­ho­se will pro­ba­bly be your werk, dans en kerk pair. Ro­gue has been making footwear sin­ce 1975 so they know a thing or two a­bout making vel­lies and boots. Sin­ce day one Ro­gue footwear has been ma­de on the old “stit­chdo­wn” met­hod as u­sed by far­mers and bush pe­op­le of old. T­his is a s­lig­ht­ly slo­wer con­structi­on met­hod, but is pret­ty ro­bust and “bul­let­p­roof”. It al­lows the foot mo­re room to spre­ad in­si­de the shoe and is al­so sim­ple and e­a­sy e­nough to re­so­le and re­pair – un­li­ke the mo­dern “throw-a­way” cul­tu­re of ma­ny C­hi­ne­se-ma­de pro­ducts.

South A­fri­cans ha­ve bro­ad feet – that’s a fact (most of us grew up run­ning a­round ba­re­foot). So Ro­gue u­ses a wi­der last to build the shoe a­round and that’s why they on­ly ma­ke “half”-si­ze boots and shoes. From the hum­ble RV5-KS su­e­de le­at­her vel­lie to the very spe­ci­fic RGB-PH Pro-Hunter, Ro­gue ma­kes shoes and boots for all oc­ca­si­ons. U­sing A­fri­can buf­fa­lo, wil­de­beest or co­w­hi­de le­at­her, their de­signs are most of­ten in­spi­red by own needs or the re­que­sts from va­ri­ous pro­fes­si­o­nals out t­he­re. They ma­ke the stuff they need and they use the ma­te­ri­als that can do the job – their own Ro­gue R-So­le for se­ri­ous hi­king/bush pa­trol work is ma­de of su­pe­ri­or-qua­li­ty in­jecti­on-moul­ded rub­ber and they use top-qua­li­ty im­por­ted na­tu­ral cre­pe rub­ber (that’s di­rect­ly from the tree) for their ran­ge of stal­king/hunting boots.

All Ro­gue pro­ducts – hats, boots, vel­lies, bags and acces­so­ries – are proud­ly 100% South A­fri­can ma­de in their fac­to­ry in Ha­zy­view, M­pu­ma­lan­ga. They sup­ply most le­a­ding out­door sto­res in South A­fri­ca and dis­tri­bu­te throug­hout Sout­hern A­fri­ca (Botswa­na, Na­mi­bia, Zim­bab­we and Zam­bia). * For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on, con­tact Sel­ke Le­at­her­craft on 013-7377523.

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