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UN­FOR­TU­NATELY I don’t have DStv so I can­not com­ment on your Nasie in Ge­sprek topic (March 18), though you do make some valid points.

I am just puz­zled by the VW Polo Vivo TV ad that is flight­ing at the mo­ment. A son and his par­ents are ju­bi­lant about his get­ting his driver’s li­cence. There is joy and danc­ing and we all can re­late at this point. Then the boy sud­denly ap­pears in his new Polo Vivo and, with a shrug of the shoul­ders, speeds off, leav­ing his par­ents stunned and stranded.

Is this sup­posed to be hu­mor­ous? One as­sumes that this young man was given this new car by his par­ents. Is this how he re­pays their kind­ness?

I know there is a slo­gan at the end about the “free­dom of the citi”, but this sense of youth­ful lib­er­a­tion leaves an ir­ri­tat­ing af­ter­taste.

It per­pet­u­ates the per­cep­tion that the now Gen­er­a­tion Z is self­ab­sorbed and spoiled.

VW is known for its heart­warm­ing and de­light­ful cam­paigns, but this one is a huge dis­ap­point­ment.

Love your col­umn.

Felic­ity Jarski

I OF­TEN see the Con­sol Glass ad­vert on DStv and not only do I cringe inside, but I get an­gry. The ad­vert is try­ing to be sweet: A lit­tle girl catch­ing chil­dren’s laugh­ter on a play­ground in a glass bot­tle, to later let her blind Gogo hear it when she opens the bot­tle next to her ear. All very sweet, but re­ally! The lit­tle girl is on a play­ground – on the slide, with a glass bot­tle; on the swings, with a glass bot­tle; and, of all things, on the round­about, with a glass bot­tle. This is just ask­ing for trou­ble. Where are the par­ents? We have all been taught not to run with a glass. Con­sol has no is­sues about en­cour­ag­ing it on a play­ground. When the bot­tle breaks kids play­ing bare­foot will get glass in their feet. She will cut her­self while on the swing or jun­gle gym af­ter drop­ping the bot­tle. Chil­dren are im­pres­sion­able: Can you imag­ine lots of kids run­ning around with glass bot­tles on the play­ground be­cause Con­sol Glass en­dorses it?

Wow, re­ally not well thought­through. The ad­vert ir­ri­tates me so much it deters me from Con­sol Glass.

Samantha Holm

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