Saturday Star - - FRONT PAGE - Muzi, 8, with Elam, 9.

that her ex had come to the house and taken the chil­dren. He claimed he was go­ing to buy them ice cream.

Andiswa phoned her ex and he ad­mit­ted he had the chil­dren.

“He told me he would swop them for me – in­stead of killing them, he would kill me,” says Andiswa. “He told me to ar­range my cof­fin.”

He then al­lowed the chil­dren to speak into the phone.

“They said they were in the veld, and they didn’t know where they were. Muzi told me to call the po­lice.”

Andiswa said she went to a po­lice sta­tion and opened a case.

“I asked the po­lice to close the bor­der posts be­cause he would try to take my chil­dren home with him to Mozam­bique.”

As she feared for her life, Andiswe left her home and went into hid­ing. Her neigh­bours would later tell her that on two oc­ca­sions men came look­ing for her. One of the men carried a gun. Andiswe only re­turned home when she heard of the dis­cov­ery of the two bodies. She is sure they are her chil­dren; she doesn’t hold any hope that DNA might prove her wrong.

Her chil­dren have yet to be buried. Po­lice say they have a known sus­pect in the case and have asked that he hand him­self over.

There is more talk in the town­ship. The ex-boyfriend has been seen in Mozam­bique; he passed through his vil­lage, they say, head­ing to a place where he will not be recog­nised.

He made it to Mozam­bique even though Andiswe still had his pass­port.

This will make it more dif­fi­cult for the po­lice to catch him, she has been told.

But if they do even­tu­ally catch him, then she and the peo­ple of Tshep­isong may learn what fi­nally turned a gen­tle man into a sus­pected child killer.

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