Saturday Star - - METRO - Mobeni Heights, Dur­ban DAVE VERSTER

THYA­GARAJ Markan­dan ei­ther lives in a dream world or his ha­tred for US Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump baf­fles his com­mon senses.

Trump can’t be called a “rapist” mo­lester or sim­i­lar, like Bill Cosby.

The writer also al­leges Trump is fac­ing “ac­cu­sa­tions”! Re­mem­ber ac­cu­sa­tions of sex­ual mis­con­duct.

Ac­cu­sa­tions must be tested in court af­ter charges are laid. That said, Mr Ed­i­tor… where a per­pe­tra­tor or of­fender is found guilty, the ut­most sanc­tion of the law should be­fall them. It’s a scourge that we must do with­out! But also ad­dress the sick sit­u­a­tion in cer­tain churches, where young boys are ha­bit­u­ally used by clergy as sex toys!

That is most vile and cer­tainly isn’t just ac­cu­sa­tions, it’s facts!

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