Saturday Star - - L I F E S T Y L E -

Bar­bara Kise­lev

If to­day is your birth­day:

This year time and ef­fort spent on ex­actly what you do,will bring you the suc­cess you crave. For you your re­la­tions are the most im­por­tant, keep them close to your heart. The chances you will ad­vance are greater than any set­backs you may ex­pe­ri­ence.

Aries (21 March-20 April)

You are un­stop­pable this week. A good time to con­cen­trate on your feel­ings, some­thing you don’t nor­mally do. A new at­ti­tude brings new re­sults far greater than your ex­pec­ta­tions. Time to have a new plan, pos­i­tive out­comes are guar­an­teed.

Taurus (21 April-21 May)

Some­times you need to anal­yse what’s be­neath your in­ter­ac­tions. You’ll find it’s all about you and your re­la­tions. Time to go ahead and make the move to the next level. You will find you are on a up­ward spi­ral.

Gemini (22 May-21 June)

Time to re-visit what has worked be­fore. You can over­come mis­takes of the past, and move for­ward to a re-newed en­ergy. Mo­ti­va­tion and in­spi­ra­tion is the name of the game. Out­comes pur­sued re­veals out­comes achieved. The end is to be where you were.

Can­cer (22 June-23 July)

You are up and down but you can see the end re­sult. Keep mov­ing for­ward, things can be im­proved, your mood sta­bilised. You will find your­self in a tight spot. Time to ne­go­ti­ate a new dynamic where you come out on top.

Leo (24 July-23 Au­gust)

You have left be­hind ideas that don’t work. You will see the end of re­stric­tions to your am­bi­tion. Time to make a de­ci­sion on your fu­ture as to who you should be. A new world pic­ture of where you are is re­quired.

Virgo (24 Au­gust-23 Septem­ber)

Time to let peo­ple see the real you. You can let go

be­hind un­real ex­pec­ta­tions, and be just the way you are. It’s all about what is real and what can be left be­hind. The best things in life are free.

Libra (24 Septem­ber-23 Oc­to­ber)

You want to be whole again, af­ter fac­ing chal­lenges to your per­son­al­ity. You don’t want to be weak anymore, time to have great ex­pec­ta­tions. What was wrong can be made right. It’s all about you and what you can bring.

Scorpio (24 Oc­to­ber-22 Novem­ber)

Lis­ten to your intuition, you are al­ways right. Take your eval­u­a­tions and build a pic­ture of what is pos­si­ble and what is not. What’s im­por­tant is how you deal with the devil in the de­tails. You are right here, right now.

Sagittarius (23 Novem­ber-21 De­cem­ber)

You have more than one rea­son to ex­pect things will go your way. Good luck will shine on you, as it al­ways does. Don’t waste your en­ergy, you can eas­ily turn things around. All the more rea­son to be a dreamer.

Capricorn (22 De­cem­ber-20 Jan­uary)

Your ca­reer is cen­tral to your life, you care where you are and the sta­tus you have. You can get over the hur­dles to prob­lems of get­ting ahead. The time is right to achieve be­yond de­sign. The an­swer is in cre­ative so­lu­tions

Aquarius (21 Jan­uary-19 Fe­bru­ary) Some­times you find you need to be heard. This week you can get a new vi­sion, a new voice. Time to ex­press what you trea­sure. You are on the path to ca­reer ad­vance­ment, if only you can nav­i­gate away from your short­com­ings.

Pisces (20 Fe­bru­ary-20 March)

There is no shame in pur­su­ing your own great­ness. You are wor­thy and de­serve what is due to you. What you want for your­self this week will be an­swered. Your best self can be ex­pressed freely. You will be ac­knowl­edged.

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