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“Noth­ing di­min­ishes anx­i­ety faster than ac­tion.” – Wal­ter An­der­son

Last month, smack on my birth­day, I faced my ul­ti­mate chal­lenge – mov­ing house. As a typ­i­cal Virgo, ob­sessed with or­der, neat­ness and time­li­ness, or­di­nar­ily the chaos wrought by pack­ing up and mov­ing house would have been enough to push me over the edge into a world of bliss­ful in­san­ity. Un­for­tu­nately for us Vir­gos, such a bliss­ful es­cape from re­al­ity is usu­ally ren­dered im­pos­si­ble by our in­nate need (some may call it com­pul­sion) to cre­ate or­der where there is none.

And so I sim­ply did what comes nat­u­rally to me. With shoul­ders on the verge of spasm-in­duced re­volt, I planned, sched­uled, packed, loaded, checked and su­per­vised my­self out of a much-needed es­cape from a world of chaos. Of course I also cre­ated a fail­safe backup in the form of a trusted Ex­cel spread­sheet to stip­u­late the tim­ing and or­der of the whole pro­ce­dure. This was just in case I got carted off to the loony bin be­fore I had com­pleted my ul­ti­mate chal­lenge and, heaven help me, have to leave it in the hands of those who count amongst the lesser zo­diac star signs.

The good news, or bad news, de­pend­ing on one’s per­spec­tive, is that I am slowly find­ing my equi­lib­rium again, thanks mostly to the ther­a­peu­tic ef­fect of un­pack­ing, ar­rang­ing spa­ces and hanging paint­ings (with a laser level, of course).

Once all of this is done and I’m set­tled into my new home, I too may come to re­flect on the deeper is­sue of change, or more pre­cisely, on our fear of change. The one thing we know is that change, through­out our lives, is in­evitable, much like death and taxes. The only choice we re­ally have in the face of in­evitable change is our own at­ti­tude to­wards it. As Vik­tor Frankl re­minded us: “To choose one’s at­ti­tude in any given set of cir­cum­stances, to choose one’s own way, it is this spir­i­tual free­dom – which can­not be taken away – that makes life mean­ing­ful and pur­pose­ful.”

And so I am re­minded that even when it comes to mov­ing house, the last of the hu­man free­doms is noth­ing more than choice.

Now sit back, re­lax and en­joy the read. your choice, re­mem­ber.

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