Step 10

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I know, it’s been so easy this far that you’re sad the job is done. Well, get ready for the hard bit. Se­lect a large tree that looks like the kind of place an owl would like to raise its fam­ily. Fig­ure out where you’re go­ing to mount the owl house. It should be a safe height off the ground to keep preda­tors out of the box (prob­a­bly at least 3 me­tres or so), and safe enough for you to climb up to, to hang the box. When you’ve fin­ished the recce, climb the tree or lad­der and nail the mounting perch to the tree trunk, par­al­lel to the ground. Put the drill into the owl box, through the door­way, and screw the four 75mm screws into the back of the box, so that they are in po­si­tion to be screwed into the tree. The tricky bit is to get the heavy owl box up the lad­der and to rest it on the mounting cleat, and then screw the owl box to the tree, us­ing the pre­pared 75mm screws. Get some help to do this, and be care­ful. Another op­tion is to in­stall the owl box in a barn (they’re not called Barn Owls for noth­ing) or a sim­i­lar struc­ture.

Un­for­tu­nately you can’t force owls to move into their newly con­structed home, so be pa­tient and hope­ful. When you’re in the gar­den take a look at the box to see if there’s any ev­i­dence of res­i­dents. We’ll be hold­ing thumbs.

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