DIY Boot Stand

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In a few easy steps you can hang up your boots

Step 1

Cut all the tim­ber to length, ac­cord­ing to the cut­ting list above.

Step 3

Join one 350mm x 100mm x 20mm plank, one 250mm x 100mm x 20mm plank and one 150mm x 100mm x 20mm plank to­gether along their long edges, us­ing wood glue and clamps. Re­peat with the re­main­ing three planks. (Al­ter­na­tively, buy a piece of pine shelv­ing 300mm x 700mm).

Step 2

Sand all com­po­nents smooth. It’s eas­ier to do this now than af­ter assem­bly. Take this step se­ri­ously be­cause it de­ter­mines how good the fi­nal prod­uct will look.

Step 4

Draw a line from the top out­side edge of the 350mm plank to the bot­tom out­side edge of the150mm plank. Cut along this line with a jig­saw to form a 350mm x 300mm x 470mm tri­an­gle.

Step 5

Join two 710mm x 70mm x 20mm planks to­gether, so that they are now 40mm thick. Re­peat with the other two. I used glue and a few cut 35mm cut screws to do this. On one of the 710mm x 70mm x 40mm planks, draw a line down the mid­dle of the 70mm face. Mark a point 35mm from one end, then make marks ev­ery 81mm.

Step 6

Drill 25mm holes on each of the nine marks, about 35mm deep (or un­til the tip of the 25mm speed-bit just pops through the plank).

Step 7

Slot a 300mm length of 25mm dowel into each hole. Get­ting the dow­els in and straight is the hard­est part of the DIY to get right. I didn’t quite man­age. Screw a cut screw into each dowel from the back.

Step 8

Screw the plank with the dow­els to the two tri­an­gles, about 100mm from the sharp point of the tri­an­gle, flush with the 350mm edge. Drill pi­lot holes be­fore screw­ing, to pre­vent tim­ber from crack­ing.

Step 9 Screw the other 710mm x 70mm x 40mm plank to one of the tri­an­gles, flush with the 350mm edge and 300mm edge. Screw the plank to the other tri­an­gle in the same way.

Step 10

Screw the four 750mm x 70mm x 20mm planks to the 300mm edges of the tri­an­gles, with a 10mm gap be­tween them. Use a spacer to make it eas­ier.

Step 11

Paint the assem­bly with primer (above), wait un­til dry, and then paint in the colour of your choice (be­low).

Step 12

Hang the rack from a wall us­ing nail-in an­chors (above), and keep your wellies dry and out of the way.

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