Leak­ing of exam pa­pers lam­basted

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The ed­u­ca­tion seed has been planted by teach­ers dur­ing the year, now it’s time for pupils to de­liver.

End-of-the-year ma­tric ex­am­i­na­tions are cur­rently un­der way and we wish all ma­tric­u­lants the best and hope dis­trac­tions like the leak­ing of ques­tion pa­pers do not oc­cur.

Leak­ing of ques­tion pa­pers hurts and de­stroys the value of our ed­u­ca­tion and those work­ing in the depart­ment.

For a ques­tion pa­per to leak, it means there is more than one per­son in­volved. Th­ese are our ed­u­ca­tional of­fi­cials that we in­vested our trust in. Th­ese are peo­ple we re­spect. Be­sides all our trust and the re­spect we have for them, they dis­ap­point us. Leak­ing exam pa­pers is ir­re­spon­si­ble and greedy con­duct.

The leak­ing of pa­pers is not good at all. It not only dis­graces the dis­trict in­volved, it also af­fects the province and pupils con­cerned.

Pupils who use leaked pa­pers will be af­fected be­cause exam dates will be resched­uled, ques­tions changed, and all this will af­fect them.

Again, no one re­spects ma­tric­u­lants from the af­fected ar­eas. As con­cerned cit­i­zens, we urge those with di­rect ac­cess to the ques­tion pa­pers not to leak them.

We are ask­ing them to make the year 2017 spe­cial by not leak­ing any pa­per. We are ask­ing them to re­spect and not de­stroy our ed­u­ca­tion with their greed and ir­re­spon­si­bil­ity. Good luck to all our ma­tric can­di­dates.

Me­lato Mphahlele, e-mail

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