Hei­del­berg Po­li­ce le­arn a­bout hu­man traf­ficking

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HEI­DEL­BERG Two vi­si­tors from Ger­ma­ny and Po­land, Gerd and Da­nie­la Si­ko­ra vi­si­ted with lo­cal po­li­ce on T­hurs­day 10 Ju­ly.

Both are gra­du­a­tes from C­ha­ris Bi­ble Col­le­ge and be­lie­ve in hu­ma­ni­ta­ri­an work. Da­nie­la is in­vol­ved in a pro­ject to curb hu­man traf­ficking cal­led 'You can free us'. She runs a s­hel­ter for women who are victims of hu­man traf­ficking in her ho­me­land. "Hu­man traf­ficking is a c­ri­me t­hat tou­ches e­very coun­try, in­clu­ding South A­fri­ca." It is es­ti­ma­ted t­hat the­re are o­ver 46 mil­li­on pe­op­le in sla­very in the wor­ld, thou­sands in e­very coun­try. "Pe­op­le are being pro­mi­sed good, at­tracti­ve and well-paid jobs a­bro­ad or in big­ger ci­ties. Es­pe­ci­al­ly women are lu­red with fal­se pro­mi­ses of lo­ve and then ta­ken in­to cap­ti­vi­ty. This re­sults in pe­op­le being for­ced in­to pros­ti­tu­ti­on, la­bor in the fields, fac­to­ries and swe­ats­hops, beg­ging on the s­treet, ste­a­ling or e­ven com­mit­ting cri­mes."

'You can free us' is an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­za­ti­on which helps women and child­ren to get out of hu­man traf­ficking. "We work clo­se­ly with the po­li­ce, as­sis­ting women w­hen they need to be res­cu­ed and then pro­vi­ding them with a sa­fe pla­ce to li­ve and start a new li­fe in f­ree­dom."

Da­nie­la al­so fo­cu­ses on trai­ning po­li­ce of­fi­cers on how to work with traf­fic­ked victims as the po­li­ce play a key part in success­ful­ly res­cuing and freeing victims.

The cou­ple with mem­bers of Hei­del­berg Po­li­ce.

Gerd and Da­nie­la Si­ko­ra.

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