Three mo­to­ris­ts ar­res­ted in S­wel­len­dam for drunk dri­ving

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SOUTH CA­PE Two pe­op­le, in­clu­ding a 6-y­e­ar-old gi­rl, lost their li­ves o­ver the wee­kend, ac­cor­ding to a p­re­li­mi­na­ry re­port from We­stern Ca­pe Pro­vin­ci­al Traf­fic Ser­vi­ces.

A to­tal of 23 mo­to­ris­ts we­re ar­res­ted for al­le­ge­d­ly dri­ving un­der the in­flu­en­ce of al­co­hol o­ver the wee­kend of which three in S­wel­len­dam. B­re­ath tes­ting was per­for­med on 2 119 dri­vers at 25 al­co­hol blitz ro­ad­blocks a­cross the pro­vin­ce. The hig­hest b­re­ath al­co­hol re­a­ding was re­cor­ded in the S­wel­len­dam ser­vi­ce a­rea. At 1.12 mg of al­co­hol/1 000 ml of b­re­ath, this is al­most fi­ve ti­mes the le­gal li­mit of 0.24 mg/1 000 ml.

A to­tal of 55 speeding of­fen­ses we­re re­cor­ded and 327 fi­nes in the a­mount of R415 350 we­re is­su­ed for a va­ri­e­ty of re­a­sons, ran­ging from dri­ver of­fen­ses to vehi­cle fit­ness vi­o­la­ti­ons.

Dri­vers un­der the in­flu­en­ce put their own li­ves and tho­se of their pas­sen­gers in dan­ger, as well as the li­ves of ot­her ro­ad u­sers. If you’re drin­king, don’t d­ri­ve or walk. Help cre­a­te booze­free ro­ads. If you ha­ve friends or fa­mi­ly who still d­ri­ve un­der the in­flu­en­ce, speak to them be­fo­re they get in­to trou­ble with the law.

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Traf­fic Of­fi­cer Wen­dy Da­niels in­spects a vehi­le on the N2.

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