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E­ric S­hi­ko­be­la, P­re­to­ria:

Li­fe is not e­a­sy and it has ne­ver been e­a­sy. The ‘bla­me ga­me’ al­ways ta­ke t­hings from bet­ter to wor­se, be­cau­se the­re is no ac­coun­ta­bi­li­ty. And we­re the­re is no ac­coun­ta­bi­li­ty, then ma­tu­ri­ty and pro­gress will al­ways be com­pro­mi­sed.

As a na­ti­on of the Re­pu­blic of South A­fri­ca we re­cent­ly fa­ce mo­re dif­fi­cul­ties, chal­len­ges and ob­sta­cles. Most of the pro­blems we fa­ce to­day ha­ve been ex­is­ting be­fo­re, but they we­re un­der con­t­rol. But to­day this pro­blems are pul­ling up be­cau­se we fail to set p­ri­o­ri­ties. We can de­bate as much as we want, but the fact is t­hat the ‘bla­me ga­me’ had ne­ver re­sol­ved a­ny­thing in li­fe, it has ne­ver im­pro­ved any na­ti­on. And we ha­ve to agree t­hat chal­len­ges and dif­fi­cul­ties had al­ways ex­is­ted. I still emp­ha­si­ze t­hat we should le­arn to pri­o­ri­ti­ze, we can’t re­sol­ve and a­chie­ve e­ver­y­thing at on­ce. So­me­w­he­re, so­mehow we should be re­a­lis­tic, as the old saying says - first t­hings first.

As a na­ti­on we ha­ve to i­den­ti­fy, a­na­ly­ze and pri­o­ri­ti­ze our pro­blems ac­cor­dingly. By doing so we will a­void neg­lecting is­su­es t­hat are ur­gent, such as u­nem­ploy­ment, a poor e­du­ca­ti­on sy­stem and cor­rup­ti­on. The­se pro­blems are a­mong the list, but very se­ve­re in my point of view. We should set our p­ri­o­ri­ties straig­ht ‘to a­void run­ning a­round li­ke a he­ad­less chic­ken.’ We should do so with a cle­ar un­der­stan­ding t­hat no na­ti­on is per­fect. But if we do our le­vel be­st to re­dress w­hat mat­ters most, our out­co­me will al­ways be a success.

We are ap­pro­a­ching Nel­son Man­de­la in­ter­na­ti­o­nal day. He was and still is a per­fect ex­am­ple of set­ting p­ri­o­ri­ties. The la­te Man­de­la knew he can’t a­chie­ve or do e­ver­y­thing at on­ce or al­o­ne. He did w­hat was be­st, w­hat he could and w­hat was ne­ces­sa­ry at t­hat point of ti­me. T­hat seems and sounds li­ke being a­ble to pri­o­ri­ti­zing. So as South A­fri­cans it lies on our shoul­ders to do the sa­me. To in­di­vi­du­al­ly or col­lecti­ve­ly do our le­vel be­st to in­flu­en­ce a good and be­ne­fi­ci­al chan­ge w­he­re we can and w­he­re it mat­ters most. Let us not just vo­lun­teer for 67 mi­nu­tes on Man­de­la Day, but lets pled­ge to pri­o­ri­ti­ze and ef­fecti­ve­ly con­tri­bu­te in ma­king our na­ti­on a bet­ter one.

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