Prai­se for exel­lent ser­vi­ce

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Any­no­mous, Gau­teng:

Be­st mis­ter A­bra­hams. I got your in­for­ma­ti­on re­cent­ly from the Li­fesa­ving South A­fri­ca web­si­te and would li­ke to share my sto­ry.

De­cem­ber ho­li­days in S­til­baai ha­ve been one of our fa­mi­ly tra­di­ti­ons for y­e­ars and we al­ways we­re a­wa­re of li­fe­guards se­cu­ring our sa­fe­ty, but last y­e­ar whi­le my hus­band was at­temp­ting to cross the ri­ver mouth with our two-y­e­ar-old gi­rl on his back, he got caug­ht in the stre­am and they both star­ted to pa­nic as they star­ted going un­der. That is w­hen a li­fe­guard, I as­su­me one of your trai­nees di­ved in­to acti­on and ra­ced to help them to sa­fe­ty.

Af­ter than­king him we as­ked a­bout your or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on and he ex­plai­ned he was a first y­e­ar. He told us all a­bout your trai­ning pro­gram and how he en­joy­ed his work. It was won­der­ful to ex­pe­rien­ce the pas­si­on he had and the ex­cel­lent ser­vi­ce your li­fe­guards de­li­ver­ed. We ne­ver got his na­me, but he was qui­te tall with bro­wn hair and a thin bo­dy build. May­be you would be a­ble to i­den­ti­fy him and just tell him how much we ap­pre­ci­a­te the ser­vi­ce he and his f­riends de­li­ver­ed.

I al­so want to prai­se you for trai­ning such won­der­ful li­fe­guards. I look for­ward to seeing your li­fe­guards at their sta­ti­ons in De­cem­ber and I al­so ho­pe that they will be pa­trol­ling the ri­ver mouth a­gain t­his y­e­ar, for it was al­ways ni­ce to know so­meo­ne is look­ing out for you and is re­a­dy to pro­vi­de first aid and help tho­se in dis­tress.

Be­st of luck for the se­a­son a­he­ad, I know you and your te­am will be success­ful. Be­st of luck.

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