Con­cern o­ver fi­re­arm com­pe­ten­cy of WC po­li­ce

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The ci­vil rig­hts or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on A­friForum is con­cer­ned o­ver the com­pe­ten­cy of We­stern Ca­pe po­li­ce mem­bers in the hand­ling of fi­re­arms. T­his fol­lows af­ter me­dia re­ports that 4 556 po­li­ce mem­bers could not com­ple­te the fi­re­arm com­pe­ten­cy test in the 2017/2018 fi­nan­ci­al ye­ar. A­friForum, the­re­fo­re, wro­te to Lt Gen K­hom­bin­ko­si Ju­la, We­stern Ca­pe Po­li­ce Com­mis­si­o­ner, re­que­s­ting acti­on to curb t­his fi­gu­re. Ac­cor­ding to A­friForum, the fact that the­se po­li­ce mem­bers could not com­ple­te the test can be at­tri­bu­ted to va­ri­ous fac­tors, in­clu­ding the fact that the­re is on­ly one shoot­ing ran­ge in the pro­vin­ce for SAPS mem­bers. Ap­pa­rent­ly, t­his ran­ge is al­so not com­ple­te­ly on stan­dard and the­re ha­ve been ca­ses of a shor­ta­ge of am­mu­ni­ti­on. T­his re­sults in SAPS mem­bers ha­ving to per­form their al­re­a­dy dif­fi­cult task wit­hout pro­per we­a­pons kno­w­led­ge. T­his num­ber al­so in­cre­a­sed con­si­de­ra­bly in com­pa­ri­son with the 2016/2017 fi­nan­ci­al ye­ar num­ber, which was 3 101. Jo­handré van Zyl, A­friForum’s Re­gi­o­nal Sa­fe­ty Coor­di­na­tor for the We­stern, Nort­hern and Eas­tern Ca­pe said: “Com­mu­ni­ties in the We­stern Ca­pe can­not af­ford t­his num­ber in­cre­a­sing any furt­her. T­his is furt­her p­roof that com­mu­ni­ties must, within the fra­me­work of the law, accept re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for their own sa­fe­ty.” Join A­friForum’s sa­fe­ty struc­tu­res to­day: SMS 'Vei­lig' to 45265.

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