Sa­sol So­lar C­hal­len­ge po­wer hit the ro­ad to Ri­vers­da­le

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HESSSEQUA The Sa­sol So­lar C­hal­len­ge is he­a­ding for the South Ca­pe and will pass by Ri­vers­da­le on F­ri­day 28 Sep­tem­ber and will ar­ri­ve in S­wel­len­dam la­ter the sa­me day be­fo­re going through Mos­sel Bay. Ha­ving do­ne be­t­ween 2,000 and 4,000 ki­lo­me­tres by t­his point, te­ams will push through S­wel­len­dam to the fi­nish li­ne in S­tel­len­bosch. The c­hal­len­ge sat off from P­re­to­ria on Sa­tur­day 22 Sep­tem­ber as Sol­ly M­si­man­ga, exe­cu­ti­ve ma­yor of the Ci­ty of Tshwa­ne, wa­ved the so­lar cars on­to the ro­ad. The 2018 e­vent marks a de­ca­de of so­lar car chal­len­ges in South A­fri­ca, as it runs for the sixth ti­me. T­his c­hal­len­ge sees so­lar-po­we­red cars from a­cross the wor­ld com­pe­te to co­ver the big­ge­st dis­tan­ce a­cross pu­blic ro­ads, he­a­ding from P­re­to­ria to Sa­sol­burg, he­a­ding through Bloem­fon­tein to Ga­riep Dam, and on to Mid­del­burg and Graaff-Rei­net. From the­re, the con­voy of mo­re than 300 pe­op­le will he­ad to Port E­li­za­beth, Ka­ree­douw and Sed­ge­field be­fo­re pas­sing through Ca­pe A­gul­has, the furt­hest south that the e­vent has e­ver go­ne. Fi­ve South A­fri­can te­ams are ta­king on so­lar cars from Ja­pan, Hong Kong, the Net­her­lands and S­wit­zer­land as they put cha­se through the coun­try, po­we­red on­ly by the A­fri­can sun. In­ter­na­ti­o­nal and lo­cal so­lar car te­ams will batt­le it out on South A­fri­can ro­ads as they try to clock mo­re than 4,500 km of so­lar­po­we­red dis­tan­ce on the 2018 c­hal­len­ge. The cur­rent re­cord, held by Dutch te­am Nu­on, was set in 2016 at 4,716 ki­lo­me­tres. A high s­chool te­am with le­ar­ners from St Al­ban’s Col­le­ge and St Au­gus­ti­ne’s LEAP s­chool are al­so par­ti­ci­pa­ting t­his y­e­ar. South A­fri­ca is one of on­ly a few coun­tries w­he­re high s­chool te­ams com­pe­te in w­hat is ty­pi­cal­ly a u­ni­ver­si­ty c­hal­len­ge, despi­te which t­his young te­am pla­ced thi­rd on the li­ne-up.

Sa­sol So­lar C­hal­len­ge rou­te and da­tes

26 Sep­tem­ber: Graaff-Rei­net – Jan­sen­vil­le – Port E­li­za­beth 27 Sep­tem­ber: Port E­li­za­beth – Ka­ree­d­auw – Sed­ge­field 28 Sep­tem­ber: Sed­ge­field – Mos­sel Bay – S­wel­len­dam 29 Sep­tem­ber: S­wel­len­dam – B­re­das­dorp – Ca­pe A­gul­has – S­tel­len­bosch

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