No joy­ful re­union for wife, 76, and hubby of just 34


They say love is blind. But is it pos­si­ble that a woman who was 42 at the time her hus­band was in nap­pies would ex­pe­ri­ence but­ter­flies in her tummy at the sight of him? Or is some­thing dodgy at play? Seventy-six-year-old Zorabebe Maq­bool of Ermelo in­sists she is in love with 34-yearold Adeel Maq­bool — and that their sex life is great.

But the South African high com­mis­sion in Is­lam­abad, Pak­istan, has re­jected Adeel’s ap­pli­ca­tion for a visa, partly be­cause of the age dif­fer­ence.

Doc­u­ments from the high com­mis­sion show that the Pak­istani’s ap­pli­ca­tion was re­jected in June be­cause he did not meet fi­nan­cial re­quire­ments.

But hand­writ­ten notes dated June 23 show he was also turned down be­cause he had no po­lice clear­ance, failed to turn up for his in­ter­view, and is “mar­ried to a 76-yearold lady”.

A fol­low-up let­ter dated July 14 con­firms the re­jec­tion.

But Zorabebe said the de­ci­sion was un­fair.

“Age isn’t a prob­lem be­tween us. Those em­bassy peo­ple are jealous. We love each other too much,” she said.

“I can’t live with­out my 34-year-old hus­band be­cause he makes me feel younger. He can’t live with­out me too. I am fit as a horse, ev­ery part of me is fine, even our sex life is fine and great.”

She said the pair were “legally mar­ried” in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, in 2014.

“We met for the first time in Le­an­dra, Mpumalanga, and we have been living to­gether for six years.

“He went back home to Pak­istan be­cause his fa­ther passed away and his mother is sick and now the em­bassy peo­ple don’t want to give my hus­band his visa so he can come back to me.

“I am frus­trated, an­gry and lonely be­cause I miss my hus­band.

“He doesn’t have a job but helps me sell food at the flea mar­ket and we make enough to sur­vive.”

De­part­ment of Home Af­fairs spokesman David Hla­bane said it ap­peared from the in­for­ma­tion that Adeel did not meet the re­quire­ments to se­cure a rel­a­tive’s visa.

“His re­jec­tion could have been based on a num­ber of fac­tors, in­clud­ing that they did not pro­vide bank state­ments, for ex­am­ple, which is re­quired.”

Age isn’t a prob­lem be­tween us. Those em­bassy peo­ple are jealous

Zorabebe Maq­bool

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