Still time for the ANC to fix it­self

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HIS­TORY tells us that in­ter­nal strife led to the down­fall of the mighty Ro­man empire. Is this what his­tory will record of the rul­ing ANC party in years to come?

The De­cem­ber con­fer­ence to elect a new leader is gain­ing mo­men­tum, but there seems to be wide­spread fac­tion­al­ism within party ranks.

Such dis­unity does not bode well for the ANC, which freed us from the man­a­cles of apartheid. Things have gone from bad to worse and coun­cil­lors are even be­ing mur­dered by oth­ers vy­ing for po­si­tions, es­pe­cially in Kwazu­lu­na­tal.

Many within the party func­tion with blink­ers on and do not see the dire con­se­quences come the 2019 elec­tion. South Africans are fed up with the shenani­gans go­ing on in the govern­ment and will vote with their con­science.

It is per­ceived that party loy­alty among the elec­torate is fast di­min­ish­ing for the ANC. Lead­ers who make empty prom­ises have to go. What the coun­try needs is a strong leader who does not stop at just talk­ing about do­ing things.

He or she should say, “I have the power and I shall and I will do this and that for my peo­ple”.

For in­stance, he or she could say they will fire any mem­ber who breaks his/her oath of of­fice as writ­ten in the con­sti­tu­tion.

He or she could also say they shall and will ar­rest any mem­ber found guilty of state cap­ture and cor­rup­tion. He or she could even say they will fire and im­prison any per­son found guilty of loot­ing state-owned en­ter­prises.

I guess this type of rhetoric is wish­ful think­ing, but who knows what the 2019 elec­tions will bring?

The ANC still has time to set aside dif­fer­ences and re­store faith in the eyes of South Africans be­fore the 2019 elec­tion. Or it must face the con­se­quences.


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