Devi Mo­han will share her yoga ex­per­tise with SA


YOGA ex­pert Devi Mo­han is set to run heal­ing and med­i­ta­tion re­treats in South Africa next week.

The wife of spir­i­tual mas­ter Brahma Shri Mo­hanji has been a leader in yoga-heal­ing for more than a decade and is a flag-bearer of the char­i­ta­ble ACT Foun­da­tion.

Mo­han spoke to the Sun­day Tri­bune Her­ald just af­ter touch­down from Ser­bia, where she runs yoga work­shops.

“Yoga is not only about pos­ture but your en­tire life­style and union with the cos­mic con­scious­ness. Char­ity it­self is a form of yoga which you achieve through self­less ac­tion,” she said.

Mo­han is set to teach South Africans about yoga’s deeper mean­ing at re­treats where dif­fer­ent types will be ex­plored.

She stresses the prac­tise is not a form of hyp­no­sis.

Yoga Nidra, she said, set­tled a per­son into a sub­con­scious­ness state where one could ex­plore lost mem­o­ries and hid­den emo­tions.

“Through yoga, you learn about your­self, love your­self and are able to face life anew,” she said, sug­gest­ing it led to a hap­pier, health­ier way of life.

Mo­han, who is mother to 6-year-old Mila, was born in what was Yu­goslavia. There she had to con­front the hor­rors of war at the age of 14.

Yearn­ing for a bet­ter life, she se­cured a po­si­tion as a trans­la­tor for the United Na­tions mis­sion in her coun­try and be­gan her trav­els around the world.

She took to yoga af­ter a near-death ex­pe­ri­ence, in 1999, which she de­scribed as one of the great­est bless­ings as it brought her closer to bliss and to her hus­band Mo­hanji, whom she met at a yoga sem­i­nar.

For the busy per­son, Mo­han ad­vises sim­ple changes to en­cour­age healthy habits.

“Wake up early and prac­tise sun med­i­ta­tion, breath­ing ex­er­cises, stretch­ing and drink wa­ter with lemon. Do it for 21 days for this to be­come a healthy habit,” she said.

The Dur­ban re­treat will be at Vuleka Cen­tre in Botha’s Hill, from Septem­ber 22 to 25. To reg­is­ter, call 079 585 1210.

Devi Mo­han is set to run heal­ing re­treats in South Africa.

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