Sunday World - - Life Style - UN­STOP­PABLE: Noth­ing will put the brakes on Dawn’s ca­reer

Just then her hubby phones and they talk briefly. As I m

’ about to ask an­other ques­tion he calls again. She s not

’ im­pressed and lets him know it. You see, “peo­ple must learn to lis­ten. I said he must SMS me. Why s he call­ing?”

’ So what an­noys her? In­tol­er­ance

“and ig­no­rance, that re­ally gets to me.’’

Like peo­ple think­ing she s of

’ In­dian de­scent.

I hate that race “clas­si­fi­ca­tion thing. I don t

’ be­lieve we should be ruled by it or live our lives based on our race. Some of my “an­ces­tors are In­dian but I m

’ coloured, my folks were coloured.

” She holds her belly again. How many kids does she want?

She smiles again and says one is enough at the mo­ment.

I have a hard time wip­ing Shakira out of my mind. Do they have any­thing in com­mon? She laughs. We re com­plete “’ op­po­sites. For starters, my hem­lines are longer and our per­son­al­i­ties are worlds apart.”

Do peo­ple get heavy with Shakira when they “” see you?

It s funny. When I “’ meet peo­ple, like in a mall, in­stead of at­tack­ing me they want to hug Shakira and ‘ ’ com­fort her.

It s ac­tu­ally “’ sweet, es­pe­cially with lit­tle kids and their mom­mies, who look up to Shakira as a role model.” Sweet or scary? She clearly has a loyal fol­low­ing, but what hap­pens when she be­comes a mom? The baby isn t gonna “’ put a break on my act­ing ca­reer. I m still gonna

’ en­ter­tain view­ers. I m

’ not go­ing any­here.’’

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