Women must lead way to a bet­ter world

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AU­GUST 9 in South Africa is ac­claimed as Women ’ s Day. The coun­try ex­tols the courage of women, as does the world, which marks March 8 as In­ter­na­tional Women ’ s Day.

The com­mon fac­tor with those days is a stand­ing re­minder to those who may choose to for­get that women are not less hu­man.

Im­por­tant, too, is for women not to rel­e­gate them­selves to the po­si­tion of pawns in the po­lit­i­cal chess game that cor­rupt men have en­trenched as a power-god wor­thy of their blind wor­ship and de­i­fied as the un­ques­tion­able way in which the world works ir­re­spec­tive of whether women are at the helm.

If men are the au­thors of cor­rup­tion, why should women re­sign them­selves to be­ing the best stu­dents in the field of the ad­vance­ment of the malfea­sance that is shred­ding the moral fi­bre of our so­ci­ety?

Women have the abil­ity to write a new script and re­po­si­tion them­selves as stars to shine a new way rather than aping the dark and bad ex­am­ples of men that came be­fore.

On that road lies the pos­si­bil­ity for new men and women to emerge to re­make the world for hu­man­ity to breathe again.

Fail­ure by women to lead the world to a new road ren­ders the clam­our­ing for gen­der equal­ity self- serv­ing and bound to be dead in the wa­ter of mu­tual abuse.

Lib­er­a­tors be­hav­ing as badly as op­pres­sors should be painted with the same brush of con­dem­na­tion. Women au­di­tion­ing them­selves as fight­ers for a cause, only to be­tray it once in po­si­tions of pub­lic trust, should not hope to be treated dif­fer­ently.

The world needs women of sub­stance to help war­ring na­tions see that the land be­ing used for burial, day in and out, should be ploughed for food.

From be­ing places of hi­jack­ings and gang wars, streets should be re­claimed for chil­dren to play.

Skies are sim­i­larly fraught with dan­ger. The 239 pas­sen­gers on board Malaysia Air­lines Flight MH370 re­main un­ac­counted for since March 8, In­ter­na­tional Women ’ s Day.

Malaysian Air­lines Flight MH17 ex­ploded over Ukraine with 298 pas­sen­gers on board.

In case peo­ple have for­got­ten why women strug­gled, Au­gust 9 is a re­minder of the need for coura­geous women to take front­line re­spon­si­bil­ity to change the world to a bet­ter place than the danger­ous one we live in to­day.

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