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IT’S a week later, but Shwa is still fum­ing about the glitz” that were not the Metro FM awards.

Moi has to vent and tell th­ese peo­ple to ei­ther get a proper PR com­pany to run the darn show, or toss the whole she­bang in the trash.

Af­ter 15 years, one ex­pects smooth sail­ing... But nah! In­stead, Shwa and the rest of cele­bville suf­fered the em­bar­rass­ment of be­ing treated worse than plebs.

Moi landed in style at eThek­wini with other artists. We were chauf­feured to our ho­tel by Audi as they were the of­fi­cial spon­sor of the event. Shwa even thought it was off to a good start.

But ar­riv­ing at the ho­tel was a dif­fer­ent story. The pub­lic re­la­tions com­pany in­volved should re­ally teach its em­ploy­ees peo­ple skills.

Not only did the lovely ladies not know who the im­por­tant celebri­ties were, but they cared lit­tle about the me­dia.

Shwa had to queue like a pri­mary school kid in the morn­ing at as­sem­bly to get to the re­cep­tion­ist for a room key. Come on guys!

The pre-par­ties were just okay, shame... Noth­ing to write home about.

But, the black car­pet was a disas­ter. There wasn’t a spe­cific place for celebs in­ter­views to be con­ducted. #WhatAMess!

Celebs such as Khanya Mkangisa and Boity Thulo, with her scary cat eye con­tacts, were all over the car­pet tak­ing end­less self­ies.

It looked like the crowd at Park Sta­tion. The PR ladies had to them to keep mov­ing be­cause they were run­ning out of time.

When we fi­nally got in­side, we were told to sit any­where. Now you can imag­ine how some­one im­por­tant like Moi, who had to sit in the front, was at the back as some small-time had taken my seat. #EpicFail

The main event went well, de­spite most celebs bail­ing on go­ing in­side when the show started be­cause they were en­joy­ing free drinks and food out­side.

On the other hand, Riky Rick had to pull out of his sched­uled per­for­mance be­cause the or­gan­is­ers could not hold up their end of the deal.

Be­cause he would not be per­form­ing dur­ing the live show, but in­stead on the black car­pet as the celebs walked in, the or­gan­is­ers had promised they would add spe­cial light­ing and ex­tras to make his show spec­tac­u­lar

But that bombed out be­cause they went back on their word at the 11th hour, forc­ing Riky Rick to pull out. #EpicFail

The live show was not too bad, ex­cept for be­ing bor­ing.

Peo­ple do not travel all the way to Dur­ban or tune in just to watch peo­ple giv­ing never-end­ing speeches, which wouldn t be bad if the au­tocue oper­a­tors knew what they were do­ing.

If it wasn’t the wrong spell­ing of names, it was words be­ing edited on screen. #EpicFail

Also, please re­mind your pre­sen­ters to ac­tu­ally read from the au­tocue. This will help them avoid count­less em­bar­rass­ing mo­ments, such as hav­ing no idea what to say.

The rest of the per­for­mances went well, ex­cept the one by Prince Kay­bee. Who­ever sab­o­taged him should be dealt with. The muso and his co-per­former clearly had no ear pieces and could not be in sync with the song.

It should be noted that an hour into the live show, the PR ladies in ques­tion had tons of tick­ets un­der their ta­bles. #OMG

So, what was the plan for those tags, ladies?

Big shot Tweezy, pro­ducer of eight songs that were nom­i­nated and five of which won on the night, could not get a sin­gle ticket for the awards.

He had to buy be­cause tick­ets were for artists and record la­bel ex­ec­u­tives ac­cord­ing to the PR com­pany.

And in case you were won­der­ing, Tweezy is re­spon­si­ble for some of the coun­try’s big­gest hits, in­clud­ing AKA’s Bad­dest, L-Tido’s Dlala Ka Yona and a cou­ple of songs in Fifi Cooper and Em­tee’s al­bum.

As for the af­ter-par­ties, they were all over Dur­ban. But Shwa went to the one at 47th Av­enue, hosted by Cassper Ny­ovest, Riky Rick and the Ma­jor League twins.

It went down so hard, it made the Ti­tanic seem afloat. And be­sides, Shwa even got hot un­der Shim’s crop­top.

The weather was too hot, and Shwa no­ticed there was no sep­a­ra­tion be­tween the VIPs and the nor­mal peo­ple. Shwa even spot­ted Bo­nang and AKA get­ting cosy.

Dur­ban is al­ways a great host, pity the or­gan­is­ers were just a big fat mess.

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