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HOUSE mu­sic DJs Ralf Gum and Co­coa Nela are hav­ing a go at each other over al­le­ga­tions of in­tel­lec­tual property theft with one call­ing the other a jeal­ous lit­tle girl”. Ger­man Ralf Gum, real name Ralf Benkert, sent Dur­ban-born Yonela Roloti a mes­sage ear­lier this month through Face­book’s in­box mes­sen­ger sys­tem in which he ac­cused him of copy­ing his record la­bel logo. Ralf Gum, who owns GOGO Mu­sic, ac­cused Co­coa Nela of steal­ing his cre­ative work when he crafted a logo for the cover of his lat­est sin­gle My Story. Hi Co­coa, hope you’re well. No of­fence, but don’t you think a own and more cre­ative logo would do? you copied my com­pany logo My Story” is sim­i­lar to my style ... really now? I tell you that you’re logo is a shame­less copy of the copy­righted GOGO Mu­sic logo,” Ralf Gum fired the first salvo. Co­coa Nela re­sponded: Whow whow Mr hold it right there... you can’t talk to me any how, who do you think you are?? I’m no lil house pro­ducer who lick asses of guys who you from a for­eign lands? come on man, 1st of all I ddnt de­sign this logo my­self 2ndly my de­signer, doesn’t know your ass nor your mu­sic so re­spect. So get out!!!

Have some re­spect man... You are a main stream artist, You only main­stream here is ZA. So don’t in­box me ru­bish.”

Ralf Gum tried to rea­son with the DJ who then re­torted. Agh malume I dnt have time to waist and stop act­ing like a lil girl, weather your de­sign is pro­tected by your lo­cal mu­nic­i­pal­ity copy­right law makes no dif­fer­ence to me,” wrote Co­coa Nela. Speak­ing to Sun­day World this week, Co­coa Nela said he be­lieved Ralf Gum had a per­sonal vendetta against him.

Look man, I don’t know what is his prob­lem be­cause he also ac­cused me of steal­ing his song also called My Story. I think he has a prob­lem, it’s more than that. I told him to F off be­cause My Story is my song. And that logo was de­signed by a graphic de­signer, I am not a graphic de­signer man. I didn’t steal any logo,” he said.

Af­ter first deny­ing the spat look place, RAlf Gum said he did not have beef against Nela be­cause he does not know him.

I know he in­boxed me a song and I told him I’m not in­ter­ested in lis­ten­ing,” he said. If you look at the GOGO Mu­sic logo and look at his logo, they are sim­i­lar.

Ralf Gum said he would not take le­gal ac­tion against Co­coa Nela be­cause I don’t be­lieve in bring­ing peo­ple down”.


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