Thiwe al­bum taps into women power

All-fe­male com­pi­la­tion now avail­able dig­i­tally

Sunday World - - Sunday Report - By Chrizelda Kekana Thiwe has re­alised her dream of an allfe­male al­bum. / Mabuti Kali

Hav­ing just launched an all-fe­male nine-track com­pi­la­tion al­bum­called SHE VOL 1‚ song­bird Thiwe has praised artists who came to­gether on the project‚ claim­ing women can of­ten be sassy and hard to work with.

Thiwe told TshisaLIVE that she had the idea to cre­ate SHE VOL 1 be­cause she wanted to break the ex­ist­ing stereo­type sur­round­ing fe­male artists.

“If you send a mes­sage out ask­ing for col­lab­o­ra­tions‚ you are most likely to get the male artist re­spond­ing first to the call. If they are avail­able‚ they are more than happy to do it,” said Thiwe.

“But with us women – and I don’t wanna put it in a bad way – but we are so fussy and it’s heart­break­ing. But it is what it is. So, in­stead of just com­plain­ing about it‚ I wanted to put ac­tion where my mouth is.”

Some of the artists in­cluded on the al­bum are Nothende‚ Berita‚ Ternielle Nel­son‚ Aus Te­bza‚ Ayanda Jiya‚ Disebo‚ Katlego and Thando Nje.

Thiwe ex­plained that with her pre­vi­ous two al­bums and ex­pe­ri­ence, one of the hard­est things was get­ting fe­male artists work­ing to­gether.

Known for as the amaz­ing voice that has made time­less mu­sic with Black Cof­fee‚ Sai & Ri­ba­tone‚ Zano‚ Ziyon and Bu­siswa, she said she saw some­thing she wasn’t happy with and moved to rec­tify it.

“As a fe­male artist, it’s al­ways been prob­lem­atic to try and work with an­other fe­male artist.

“If it were up to me‚ over the years I prob­a­bly would have had so many more col­lab­o­ra­tions with fe­male artists. But women aren’t al­ways open to col­lab­o­ra­tions.”

For Thiwe‚ the hard­est part was the stress that came with try­ing to en­sure every­one’s needs were catered for.

“The hard­est thing was try­ing










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) to make sure that every­one is happy. The thing with a com­pi­la­tion is that there are a lot of in­di­vid­u­als in­volved in this and every­one has their own ideas.

“They feel very strongly about their po­si­tions. It was just one or two peo­ple that said‚ ‘you know what, at the end of the day how this com­pi­la­tion



. sounds is up to you’.”

Thiwe’s last project‚ Soul Ther­apy‚ was well-re­ceived and she could have eas­ily gunned for an­other solo one but said it was im­por­tant for her to bring women to­gether to cre­ate a time­less mas­ter­piece.

SHE VOL 1 is avail­able on all dig­i­tal plat­forms.

The thing with a com­pi­la­tion is that there are a lot of in­di­vid­u­als in­volved in this and every­one has their own ideas

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