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CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS to Lungi Son­gongo on be­ing se­lected to run for Eastern Prov­ince in the 200m and 400m at the SA Cham­pi­onships. Good luck and train hard.

Some of our run­ners went to run the Kirk­wood 21km last Satur­day. It was a very flat fast scenic route. It started at the school and went out of town through the or­chards. One to look at for next year.

Lyn Har­brecht ran two hours six min­utes, Lyn West 2:26, Ma­ri­etjie Robb 2:35.

Carol and Jean Nep­gen ran the Pink Flow­ers 12-hour cir­cuit race in Melk­bosstrand. Con­di­tions un­der­foot were very rough and un­pleas­ant. Jean com­pleted 29km and Carol 48km.

The fol­low­ing day they com­pleted in the Chap­pies 21km Chal­lenge where Jean did the 10km in one hour 58 min­utes and Carol the 21km in three hours.

Let’s hope you give your legs a bit of a rest over De­cem­ber.

Sun­day the Novem­ber 12 is the club break­fast run or­gan­ised by Alex and Pauline. Please let us know for cater­ing pur­poses whether you will be there. Time Trial: Oc­to­ber 24 8km Run Siza­kele Day­i­mani 29:21 Zamili Xanti 32:29 Ayabonga Saul 32:29 Mon­ica Stry­dom 55:47 Zanel Ven­ter 55:47 5km Run

Lethembu Jekana 20:07 Wed­nes­day Oc­to­ber 25: Sibuya Game Re­serve/Ara­bella Wine In­di­vid­ual Stable­ford, with 69 play­ers. Re­sults: 1st: Kevin Heny – 39, 2nd: Dale Wisener – 39, 3rd: Ross Wright – 38, 4th: Ockie Pi­eterse – 38, 5th: Ian Mon­cur – 38 Two clubs: 6th: C Howard, C Roesstorff, K Heny, A Sap 13th: G Bladen Best gross: 74 – Ian Mon­cur Best nett: 68 – Kevin Heny Near­est the pins: De­bonairs Pizza – 6th: Clint Roesstorff Thymes 2 Cater­ing – 8th: Greg Shanks The Wharf Street Brew Pub – 11th: Tom Wag­ner Trel­li­dor – 13th: Des­mond Mjimla Wimpy long­est drive – 14th: Nick Fox Kings­ley Bev­er­ages – Near­est the pin for two on the first: Dud­ley Kieser 1820s Mon­day Oc­to­ber 23: 29 play­ers in ideal weather. Win­ners on 41: Pa­trick O’Kelly, Law­ton Amos, Ken Banks, Neville Wool­gar. Moose­head on 46: Don Howarth, Derick van Harme­len, Stan Weyer, Dave Page. Good scores: 49 - Ted Baines, Al­bert Whit­field, 48 - Den­nis McEl­wee, Juan Southey, Derick van Harme­len, 47 - Noel Heale. Two clubs: 8th Noel Abongile Mbeda 20:07 Mike Nel­son 24:04 Sticks Stiglingh 24:12 Alana Stiglingh 24:12 Kevin Lee 24:42 Lungisani Mt­satse 25:18 Alex Weed 26:55 Mari­aan Stiglingh 27:31 Juan Pre­to­rius 27:41 Them­be­latu Komeni 28:39 Alan Robb 28:49 Lynette Har­bresht 29:30 Ian Robert­son 29:30 Mike Momberg 29:46 Lynette West 31:16 Lulu Mceka 31:45 3km Run Luba­balo Sali 13:07 Ayabonga Nodol­gwe 14:26 Zanethem Dayakara 15:09 Abe­naphi Dzudzuduza 16:13 Ruben Dollery 16:15 Elmi Jones 17:27 Uolisa Badi 17:27 Melissa Tweedie 17:28 Scar­lett Tweedie 17:28 Cathy Momberg 21:37 Madi­son Wood 24:01 Yolande Nodol­gwe 24:33 Re­becca Nel­son 24:42 Clare Wood 25:29 Dud­ley Em­slie 28:37 Denise Nel­son 29:31 Rita van Dijk 34:50 Mar­guerite van Dijk 34:50 Lukanyo Qonono 37:56 5km Walk Stella Kam­dien 51:43 Im­ran Kam­dien 51:43 Billy Fut­ter 52:45 Pauline Weed 52:45 Gra­ham Oliver 1:04:02 Heale. Thurs­day Oc­to­ber 26: 20 play­ers in gale force wind and cloudy cold con­di­tions. Win­ners on 43: Al­bert Whit­field, Ted Baines, Nic v.d. Merwe, Mike Reid. Moose­head on 46: Peter Ri­naldi, Lionel Timm, Roy Po­ple, Dal­las Cowie. Good scores: None. Two clubs: 8th Ted Baines. LADIES’ RE­SULTS Oc­to­ber 24: De­spite a bit of wind around, the weather con­di­tions were quite pleas­ant on Tues­day af­ter­noon, so the turnout of just 13 play­ers was dis­ap­point­ing. The for­mat was a bet­ter-ball Stable­ford spon­sored by the Ocean Bas­ket. Forty-six points were carded by the win­ners Ronel Hough and Mau­reen McGarvie who counted out sec­ond placed Jane Bladen and Bet­tine Hat­tingh on the same score. Shirley Heny teamed up with Dee Jones-Phillip­son to

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