A bird with burn­ing ears

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The bird's name is de­rived from the con­spic­u­ous ru­fous patches on the cheeks.

As also men­tioned ear­lier, this lit­tle bird is quite feisty and can have quite an at­ti­tude. They are com­mon in their pre­ferred habi­tat, and are very vo­cal.

If one stops just about any­where in the Ka­roo, the pip­ing, “tee tee tee tee tee” call will even­tu­ally be heard.

If you visit can hear my record­ing of this call.

The bird ut­ter­ing the call usu­ally does so by perch­ing on top of a low bush, in full view, and just throw­ing its tantrum for all to hear.

If not voic­ing their list of com­plaints for the world to hear, they dash about in the low­est part of the scrub, creep­ing about on the ground, al­most like a mouse. Well friends, that's it for an­other week. If you would like to contact me re­gard­ing my lo­cal bird­ing tours, you can call me on 072-314-0069. Un­til next time, happy bird­ing! , you

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