Ac­tion, thrills aplenty in Spiel­berg’s lat­est re­lease

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choose to be any­one they want to be, can­not die or be harmed and lim­ited to only their imag­i­na­tions, why would any­one choose to live any­where else?

The year is 2045 and the world looks like one gi­ant junk­yard, es­pe­cially Stack City in Colum­bus, Ohio, where the main char­ac­ter, an or­phaned teen, Wade Watts (Tye Sheri­dan), who lives with his aunt, en­ters a vir­tual world called the Oa­sis, a place where ed­u­ca­tional, busi­ness and event ro­man­tic li­aisons are pos­si­ble.

The Oa­sis was cre­ated by pro­gram­mer James Hal­l­i­day (Mark Ry­lance), now dead, but con­tains his avatar Anorak. Be­fore his death Hal­l­i­day cre­ated Easter eggs (spe­cial sub-pro­grammes) and made a con­tract that any­one who can find all three keys hid­den in the Oa­sis will earn the right to con­trol it.

Watts, us­ing his avatar Parzi­val, is one of the Easter egg hunters, known as Gun­ters, and forms friend­ships and al­liances to find all three keys. In time, he gets to meet the peo­ple be­hind the avatars and forms a ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship with Art3mis, a teenage girl named Sa­man­tha Cook (Olivia Cooke). Watts is found by Nolan Sor­rento (Ben Men­del­sohn) the CEO of a com­pany IOI who sup­plies most of the vir­tual re­al­ity equip­ment used to ac­cess the Oa­sis, who wants to own Oa­sis and there­fore wants the keys for him­self. When Parzi­val finds the first key Sor­rento at­tempts to ca­jole Watts into find­ing the rest of the keys for IOI but, af­ter he re­fuses, Sor­rento or­ders Watts’ home (one of the stacked cars) de­stroyed, killing his aunt and her boyfriend in the process. Parzi­val and his friends are col­lec­tively known as the High Five, and they help each other in an ef­fort to find the re­main­ing keys be­fore Sor­rento and his team of IOI fight­ers take over the Oa­sis I have not read the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline (who was one of the co-writ­ers of the screen­play) but ac­cord­ing to the movie’s crit­ics Spiel­berg did not fol­low the orig­i­nal story very closely.

Still, the movie is a vis­ual treat, rem­i­nis­cent of Walt Dis­ney’s Tron Legacy, and in this sense it is well worth watch­ing. The sto­ry­line is fairly easy to fol­low but ap­par­ently does not ex­plore the per­sonal life sto­ries of the char­ac­ters as does the novel.

If you are a teenager (at heart) you will un­doubt­edly en­joy Ready Player One, but any­one who en­joys a good ad­ven­ture movie will also get a kick out of it.

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