The New Age (Northern Cape) - - FRONT PAGE - Au­thor: Jackie Phamotse Pub­lisher: Self-pub­lished

THE blesser and sugar daddy phe­nom­e­non has taken the coun­try by storm and au­thor Jackie Phamotse brings that world closer with her sec­ond book, Bare. The book shows how young women with the fan­tasy of liv­ing the high life are eas­ily lured by men who end up us­ing them and spit­ting them out like sug­ar­less chew­ing gum.

Bare is the se­quel to Shat­tered In­no­cence where the au­thor in­tro­duces Trea­sure Mo­hapi and her fam­ily.

Her story con­tin­ues into the sec­ond book where she is now an es­tab­lished model and has to me­an­der through life with her su­per-rich sugar daddy who is mak­ing her life a liv­ing hell.

He is no longer the sweet man she met three years ago.

The story looks at the type of sac­ri­fices these young women make to live the high life.

Trea­sure is now be­ing emo­tion­ally abused by her sugar daddy Tim, but finds it hard to leave him as he has iso­lated her from her fam­ily and friends.

As much as the book is en­tic­ing from the very be­gin­ning and one can’t put it down, the mood is a bit som­bre as you get to know the main char­ac­ter and how she in­ter­acts with the peo­ple around her and with her sugar daddy lover.

One gets a feel­ing that they are all just face­less to Trea­sure and they have no true mean­ing to her life and fam­ily as wit­nessed in this ex­change be­tween the two in an ex­tract from chap­ter 30.

“So this is how you play it, Trea­sure?” Tim con­fronts Trea­sure dur­ing an un­ex­pected visit. “Babe, I did not know that you are com­ing to­day,” said Trea­sure.

“That’s why I came, you do as you please! Who gave you per­mis­sion to roam around at this time of the night? Look at what you are wear­ing, tight jeans like a pros­ti­tute!” Tim fires back.

One of the things I found highly con­fus­ing is that all chap­ters from the first book Shat­tered In­no­cence are in­cluded in this book with the story pick­ing up where the pre­vi­ous book left off in chap­ter 26. How­ever, the au­thor keeps a uni­formed look through­out both books with each chap­ter start­ing with a mo­ti­va­tional quote or Bi­ble verse.

Bare ends in a rather dra­matic scene where one is left hang­ing. Judg­ing from

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