Life is like a wheel­bar­row

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TREAT your life like a wheel­bar­row. The des­ti­na­tion of the wheel­bar­row is de­ter­mined by the per­son who is re­spon­si­ble for push­ing it.

If you choose to leave your wheel­bar­row in the mud then that is ex­actly where you will find it when you need it be­cause ev­ery­one minda their own busi­nesses.

But when you choose to po­si­tion your wheel­bar­row in a clean and safe place that’s ex­actly where you will get it dur­ing a time of need.

So is about time we treat our lives like a wheel­bar­row be­cause it hap­pens to be a great prac­ti­cal ex­am­ple.

Many peo­ple have ne­glected their lives or rather given up on life but with a hope that things will work out with­out their ef­forts to make it work. We get what we pre­pare, so if we pre­pare noth­ing it means we will get noth­ing but when we pre­pare for good we are likely to get the good.

So let’s make sure we in­vest in our ef­forts to pre­par­ing the bed we want to sleep in be­cause we all want great things in life. Good things all come from your sweat. Me­shack Mathe

Ivory Park

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