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The Poultry Bulletin - - CONTENTS - By Cameron Macken­zie

Hot on the heels of As­tral’s an­nounce­ment last month on the cri­sis fac­ing our in­dus­try comes a new warn­ing from Rain­bow about the state of lo­cal poul­try pro­duc­tion. On the back of fall­ing rev­enue and an omi­nous state­ment that the com­pany will be forced to re­view its poul­try busi­ness model if con­di­tions don’t change, the po­ten­tial for more job losses looms large. Of course, when the poul­try in­dus­try sneezes, other agri­cul­tural sec­tors catch a cold. So if the poul­try in­dus­try is los­ing money and jobs, so too will the feed, sup­ply, and other sec­tors as well. Dark days in­deed.

With 29 Septem­ber mark­ing World Heart Day, it’s fit­ting to note that eggs are not the health haz­ard they were once made out to be. In our nu­tri­tion sec­tion, we carry an ar­ti­cle en­ti­tled ‘Heart health and eggs’, where you can read up on how to make eggs an in­te­gral part of healthy eat­ing.

Last month, we car­ried a story about a Tsh­wane-based out­fit that of­fered to-good-tobe-true re­turns for in­vestors keen to get a slice of the pie in a chicken farm. As it turns out, this ven­ture was noth­ing more than get­ting peo­ple to part with their money. Our Lo­cal News sec­tion fea­tures a warn­ing of other crim­i­nals of­fer­ing birds and sup­plies - and then dis­ap­pear­ing. Let the buyer be­ware!

Galliova 2016, one of the lead­ing awards on of­fer to food and health writ­ers, is once again open for en­tries. For more in­for­ma­tion on this worth­while ini­tia­tive spon­sored by the Egg Or­gan­i­sa­tion, read about it on the Train­ing and Devel­op­ment page.

We are blessed not to have to deal with avian in­fluenza in our flocks (touch wood). For the US though, it’s a dif­fer­ent story, so read about the lat­est threat in To­day in the USA and how they’ve in­sti­tuted mea­sures to pre­pare their pro­duc­ers for an out­break. Iron­i­cally, the US still main­tains that AI is present in SA, and uses that spu­ri­ous non­sense as a rea­son to pro­hibit our ex­ports while freely dump­ing here.

On the sub­ject of an­i­mal health, we con­tinue to fea­ture some of the pre­sen­ta­tions from Avi Africa 2016, so don’t miss the re­sults of a four-year study into In­clu­sion Body Hep­ati­tis or IBH. A healthy flock is a happy flock, and thanks to our sci­en­tists and an­i­mal health spe­cial­ists, it’s likely to re­main so.

Lastly, one voice that’s been no­tice­ably quiet of late is that of the meat im­porters, whose shrill cries have echoed across the me­dia through­out the year. Clearly, what’s good for them is bad for the lo­cal poul­try in­dus­try - and vice versa, so it’s lit­tle won­der that with im­ports at record vol­umes, there’s noth­ing for them to com­plain about. At what stage will our gov­ern­ment wake up to this fact, end the paral­y­sis, and ac­tu­ally do some­thing tan­gi­ble to ad­dress the cri­sis fac­ing our in­dus­try?¡

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