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A 25-day trial was con­ducted to study the ef­fects of di­etary sup­ple­men­ta­tion with a blend of formic, pro­pi­onic and acetic acids com­bined with cin­namalde­hyde and a per­me­abi­liz­ing com­plex (BTR, Biotronic® Top3, BIOMIN, Aus­tria) on the re­duc­tion of

S. En­ter­i­tidis counts in White Leghorn ce­cum. From day of hatch, 60 day-old White Leghorn SPF chick­ens were ran­domly as­signed to 3 treat­ments of 20 chicks each and placed in poul­try iso­la­tors. A con­trol group re­ceived a com­mer­cial broiler diet with no an­tibi­otic or BTR, trial group 1 (BTR 1) re­ceived 1 kg Btr/ton of feed, and trial group 2 (BTR 2) re­ceived 2 kg BTR/ ton. At day 15, chick­ens were eye-drop in­oc­u­lated with 105 colony-form­ing units (CFU) of S. En­ter­i­tidis field strain 208876/201. At day 5 (20 days of age) and 10 (25 days of age) post in­fec­tion (dpi), 10 chick­ens per group were eu­th­a­nized and ce­cum con­tent was taken for bac­te­ri­o­log­i­cal analy­ses (Table 1). The CFU per gram of ce­cum sam­ple was de­ter­mined by count­ing the bac­te­rial colonies. The re­sults of the study showed a sig­nif­i­cant (P<0.05) re­duc­tion in S. En­ter­i­tidis counts in the ce­cal con­tent of birds.

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