Egg In­dus­try Re­port - Jan 2017

For Jan­uary 2017

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D Tis­claimer: In­for­ma­tion in this re­port does not re­flect ac­tual data. The pro­jec­tions pre­sented in the re­port are based upon spe­cific pro­duc­tion stan­dards and in­di­cate his­toric and fore­casted trends only.

Egg Pro­duc­tion Stan­dards

he pro­jected na­tional lay­ing flock and po­ten­tial cases of eggs pro­duced per week are based on the stan­dards as shown in Ta­ble 1:

1. Day-old Pul­let Pro­duc­tion

2 .033 mil­lion day-old pul­lets were pro­duced in Jan­uary 2017. This is a de­crease of 77 126 (-3.7%) com­pared to De­cem­ber 2016 and an in­crease of 57 457 (+2.9%) pul­lets com­pared to Jan­uary 2016 (Graph 1). Vari­a­tions be­tween con­sec­u­tive months may be at­trib­uted in part to vary­ing num­bers of hatch­ing days per month.

The weekly av­er­age num­ber of day-old pul­lets hatched for Jan­uary 2017 was 462 000. This is a month-on-month de­crease of 17 529 (-3.7%) and a year-onyear de­crease of 8 324 (-1.8%) pul­lets.

2. Point-of-lay Pul­lets

Ato­tal of 1.816 mil­lion layer re­place­ment pul­lets were trans­ferred to the lay­ing flock dur­ing the month un­der re­view (Graph 2). Com­pared to the same month of the pre­vi­ous year this is an in­crease of 42 390 birds (+2.4%). The pro­jected num­ber of point-of-lay pul­lets to be trans­ferred in April 2017 is 1.976 mil­lion.

3. Pro­jected Lay­ing Flock

Alay­ing flock of 24.322 mil­lion hens was pro­jected for Jan­uary 2017. This is a month-on-month de­crease of 159 000 birds (-0.65%) and a year-on-year de­crease of 467 600 hens (-1.9%). The pro­jected num­ber of lay­ing hens for April 2017 is 24.264 mil­lion (Graph 3). The av­er­age flock size for 2017 is ex­pected to be 2.0% smaller than it was in 2016.

4. Fore­casted Egg Pro­duc­tion

In Jan­uary 2017 an av­er­age of 400 700 cases of eggs was pro­duced per week (Graph 4); a monthly de­crease of 1 100 cases (-0.3%). The av­er­age weekly egg pro­duc­tion dur­ing Jan­uary 2017 de­creased by 5 900 cases (-1.4%) com­pared to Jan­uary 2016. The rate of lay for the na­tional flock for the month un­der re­view was es­ti­mated to be 84.70%. An av­er­age of 398 000 cases per week is ex­pected for the year 2017; a de­crease of 2.2% over 2016 vol­umes.

5. Mar­ketable Eggs Per Grade

E gg grade-out is based on the fol­low­ing as­sump­tions:

• The ac­tual num­bers of sil­ver and brown type day­old pul­lets pro­duced per week are used; • Un­der-grade eggs (Small + Dir­ties + Cracks) amount to ap­prox­i­mately 6% of all eggs pro­duced; and • Egg weight lim­its per grade as per grade-out reg­u­la­tions are ap­plied.

The es­ti­mated grade-out for Jan­uary 2017 was 4.3% J, 43.8% XL, 43.6% L and 8.3% M. The grad­ual shift to­wards the larger egg sizes is due to an in­crease in the pro­por­tion of brown-feath­ered strains in the na­tional flock (Ta­ble 2).

6. Hen De­pop­u­la­tion

I n Jan­uary 2017, 1.722 mil­lion old hens were due to be culled, along with 0.78 mil­lion broiler breeder cull hens.

7. Feed Us­age

8 3 000 tons of layer feed were ex­pected to be con­sumed dur­ing Jan­uary 2017; 1 580 tonnes (-1.9%) less than in Jan­uary 2016. An av­er­age g/hd in­take of 111.1 was fore­casted for the month (Graph 5). Feed con­ver­sion was es­ti­mated at 1.56 kg/dozen or 2.22 kg/kg.

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