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Roast Chicken on coals

The Poultry Bulletin - - PDMA UPDATE -


1 Large Chicken

30 ml Robert­sons Masterblends for Braai Tra­di­tional Braai Mix

2 Quar­tered Lemons

A Hand­ful of Robert­sons Bay Leaves

30 ml Olive Oil


1. Make a fire like usual in a we­ber.

2. Sea­son the chicken with the Robert­son Masterblend Braai Mix. Fill the cav­ity with lemons and bay leaves. Tie the legs to­gether with kitchen string.

3. Rub the chicken with olive oil.

4. Move the coals to the side. Bar­beque the chicken on the grill next to the coals, with the lid closed but the air vents open. Bar­beque for 20 min­utes at a time with the breast side up, with the legs fac­ing the coals, turn the chicken around (not over) so that the wings are to­wards the coals. Turn the chicken ev­ery 20 min­utes for about 1h 20 min­utes un­til cooked.

5. Test if the chicken is cooked by pierc­ing the thick­est part of the leg, if clear juices run out it is cooked.

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