Photo theft shocks psy­chol­o­gist


A KO­MANI clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist’s life has been thrown into tur­moil as she fears los­ing her li­cence af­ter dis­cov­er­ing that a photo of her face is be­ing used by a foreign na­tional “doc­tor” in an ad­vert in two na­tional mag­a­zines.

Beauty Booi-Yibe said her daugh­ter’s friends re­cently alerted the family that her photo was in an ad­vert in the mag­a­zines, ad­ver­tis­ing the ser­vices of a “doc­tor”, known as Mama Sham­ina, who could “bring back lost lovers, delete loans, stop part­ners from cheat­ing and make peo­ple rich us­ing a magic ring and spir­i­tual wa­ter”.

In an in­ter­view with The Rep this week, Booi-Yibe said she went to buy the mag­a­zines and, to her sur­prise, her photo was in the ad­verts.

The ad­vert for the ser­vices of Mama Sham­ina also has a num­ber The Rep has tried to con­tact for two weeks.

Last week the phone was unan­swered, but this week the num­ber seemed to have been dis­con­nected.

“We tried to call the num­ber in the ad­vert and a per­son with a foreign ac­cent an­swered the phone. We wanted to know this per­son’s ad­dress and he said he would send it via text but that never hap­pened,” Booi-Yibe said.

She said as some­one who op­er­ated a pri­vate prac­tice and whose ca­reer had spanned 12 years to date, she feared for her rep­u­ta­tion and how her clients would re­act if they saw the ad­vert.

“If the Health Pro­fes­sions Coun­cil of SA was to find out about this, I could get into a lot of trou­ble. I am eth­i­cally not al­lowed to do such things,” she said.

She said she had writ­ten in psy­chol­ogy jour­nals about tra­di­tional heal­ing and had to have an ac­com­pa­ny­ing head and shoul­ders photo pub­lished with her re­ports. It was be­lieved the photo had been taken from those jour­nals.


CAUSE FOR CON­CERN: Beauty Booi-Yibe’s face has been used in ad­ver­tise­ments in mag­a­zines by Mama Sham­ina, a foreign na­tional healer, to lure peo­ple to se­cure her ser­vices

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