Res­i­dents anx­ious for rain as dam lev­els sink


DAM lev­els in the Eastern Cape con­tinue to drop as res­i­dents in the prov­ince watch the skies, hop­ing for rain.

De­tails on dam lev­els, pro­vided by the Wa­ter Af­fairs Depart­ment on Mon­day, show a stark con­trast be­tween this year’s fig­ures and those of last year at the same time.

The level of the Wa­ter­down Dam, which cur­rently serves as the main wa­ter source for Ko­mani and sur­rounds, has dipped be­low 60% and was at 59.1% this week, com­pared with 98.8% last year.

The Xonxa Dam, from which wa­ter will be ac­cessed in the future to sup­ple­ment the local wa­ter sup­ply, is at 96.9%, up slightly from the 96.4% of last year.

The Wrig­gleswade Dam near Stut­ter­heim is at 75.9%, down sig­nif­i­cantly from the 91.1% at the same time in 2016, while the Gubu Dam near the town is at 91.0% com­pared with 97% dur­ing the cor­re­spond­ing pe­riod.

The Oxkraal Dam near Whit­tle­sea is at 28.7%, down from 50%.

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