It’s cri­sis sta­tions, CHDM warns


THE Chris Hani District Mu­nic­i­pal­ity has in­di­cated that due to the im­pact of the drought on wa­ter re­sources, both dams and un­der­ground, most of its ru­ral schemes had col­lapsed.

“Fur­ther­more, this state has yielded a grow­ing de­mand for wa­ter to be carted to ar­eas where there is no wa­ter at all.”

Schemes that are acutely af­fected in­clude Thorn­hill, Maty­hantya, Gqebenye, Kun­dulu, Mn­cun­cuzo, Mab­hentseni, Quntsa, Nkobongo, Nt­lalukana and Machubeni (north­ern vil­lage).

Mqamelo said while CHDM was do­ing its best to pro­vide wa­ter cart­ing, the ser­vice could not be ad­e­quate due to the de­mand and the vast­ness of the district.

Dam lev­els are: Xonxa (Emalahleni) 96.5%, Ncora (Intsika Yethu) 84.2%, Tso­jana (Intsika Yethu) 92.1%, Lu­bisi (Intsika Yethu) 43%, Wa­ter­down (Enoch Mgi­jima) 58% with re­stric­tions ex­pected from 55%, Bonkolo (less than 10% below mea­sur­able level), El­liot (Sakhi­sizwe) 90%, Mun­nik (Emalahleni – Dor­drecht) less than 10% below mea­sur­able level, An­der­son (Emalahleni-Dor­drecht) 0%, Par­adise (Enoch Mgi­jima – Molteno) 85%, Ju­bilee (Enoch Mgi­jima – Molteno) 75%, Car­navon (Enoch Mgi­jima) 85%.

“The de­clin­ing level in Klip­plaat (Wa­ter­down Dam), which pro­vides raw wa­ter for the Ko­mani area, is a cause for concern as we ex­pect re­stric­tions from the Depart­ment of Wa­ter and San­i­ta­tion as soon as the level reaches 55%. This, in turn, will fur­ther com­pel CHDM to in­ten­sify wa­ter re­stric­tions.”

Dor­drecht was re­ly­ing on un­der­ground sources (bore­holes) for wa­ter as both dams were empty. Wa­ter cart­ing con­tin­ued to aug­ment the avail­able sources.

“We call on house­holds to use wa­ter spar­ingly and take ad­van­tage of any drop of rain to har­vest wa­ter.“

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