Land use must be pro­duc­tive

DA sup­ports proper land resti­tu­tion pro­vid­ing food, jobs


WESTERN Cape premier and DA politician He­len Zille told Ten­ter­gate vil­lagers that choos­ing the DA meant choos­ing jobs in­stead of poverty.

Zille spoke at the com­mu­nity hall on Satur­day, en­cour­ag­ing com­mu­nity mem­bers to vote for the DA.

She said if they kept vot­ing for the same po­lit­i­cal par­ties as in the past, they should not be sur­prised if their sit­u­a­tion did not change.

“The EFF wants to politi­cise the land is­sue more than en­sur­ing that it is used pro­duc­tively to al­le­vi­ate poverty, es­pe­cially in the East­ern Cape,” Zille said.

“Hav­ing land does not mean any­thing if you do not pro­duce any­thing from it. This prov­ince has the most fer­tile land and rain than any­where cur­rently – if its peo­ple used it wisely, more could come out of it.”

She said Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma was en­rich­ing him­self and his fam­ily, de­stroy­ing busi­nesses in the coun­try in the process.

Zille added that if the DA came to power in the East­ern Cape, it would do all it had promised.

A fundrais­ing dinner at the Queens Casino and Ho­tel fol­lowed with Zille re­act­ing to a ques­tion on the re­dis­tri­bu­tion of land dur­ing a ques­tion-and-an­swer ses­sion.

“The DA is very clear when it comes to land, our fo­cus is to get both land resti­tu­tion and re­dis­tri­bu­tion right. We strongly sup­port land resti­tu­tion where peo­ple have valid land claims but we want that land to be­come pro­duc­tive be­cause we need all avail­able land to pro­duce food and jobs.

“Cur­rently this is not hap­pen­ing and the fail­ure rate of resti­tuted land is mas­sive. Some peo­ple have land but it has not done any­thing to change their cir­cum­stances be­cause the en­tire pro­duc­tive ca­pac­ity of their land has been de­stroyed. The East­ern Cape should be one of the world’s big­gest food economies be­cause it has much greater riches than gold,” Zille said.

She said that in 90% of claims of the suc­cess­ful claimants have opted to take money rather than the land it­self, which in­di­cated that peo­ple be­lieved that their fu­ture was not in farm­ing but in ur­ban ar­eas.


TALK­ING TO THE PEO­PLE: Western Cape premier and for­mer DA leader He­len Zille with DA coun­cil­lor Zuko Mandile speak­ing to the com­mu­nity at Ten­ter­gate vil­lage

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