The Star Early Edition - - ANGELA DAY VERDE -

Serves 6

6 nec­tarines, pit­ted and cut

into wedges half a cu­cum­ber, peeled,

de­seeded and diced 1 yel­low pep­per, chopped 60ml dried apri­cots, soaked in hot wa­ter, drained and chopped

30ml honey 60ml white bal­samic vine­gar

30ml olive oil 1 large clove of garlic,

cut in half salt and pep­per 100g goat’s cheese

200ml wa­ter

CROU­TONS 1 baguette, sliced and

cut into cubes sun­flower oil, for fry­ing In a bowl, toss the nec­tarines, cu­cum­ber, pep­per and apri­cots.

Add the honey, bal­samic, olive oil, garlic, salt and pep­per and three-quarters of the goat’s cheese, re­serv­ing a quar­ter for gar­nish. Cover and re­frig­er­ate overnight. Dis­card the garlic. Trans­fer the con­tents of the bowl to a blender and puree. Add the wa­ter and puree un­til very smooth and creamy. Add a bit more wa­ter if the soup seems too thick. Check the sea­son­ing.

Re­frig­er­ate un­til well chilled. Serve gar­nished with sliced nec­tarines, the re­main­ing goat’s cheese and crou­tons.

CROU­TONS: Heat the oil in a pot or deep-fat fryer and fry chunks un­til golden brown and drain on pa­per towel.

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