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ARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 21 Re­newed en­deav­ours ought to pros­per. You can now set about launch­ing ideas and plans on a grand scale and will find that schemes that have fal­tered in the past take off sat­is­fac­to­rily at this junc­ture. Cul­ti­vate a truly con­fi­dent man­ner. (PHONE 083 9140 601) (SMS ARI to 34703)

TAURUS: Apr 21 – May 21 Look upon this pe­riod as be­ing the gate­way to your fu­ture. Be thank­ful for the bless­ings that have been be­stowed on you and re­solve to build more tri­umphs on the lessons you have learnt. Time will work things out with fine con­se­quences. (PHONE 083 9140 602) (SMS TAU to 34703) GEMINI: May 21 – Jun 22 Your en­hanced ca­pac­ity for at­tract­ing new friends should have very ben­e­fi­cial con­se­quences. One par­tic­u­lar ac­quain­tance could play a for­tu­nate role in your af­fairs. Oth­ers could be of as­sis­tance in­di­rectly so keep in touch with them. (PHONE 083 9140 603) (SMS GEM to 34703) CAN­CER: Jun 22 – Jul 23 A crowded pro­gramme, full of stim­u­lat­ing va­ri­ety if you like to so­cialise, be­gins at this time. As­sum­ing you are in­tensely ca­reer­minded, you should man­age to blend business and plea­sure to your over­all and per­haps ro­man­tic ad­van­tage. (PHONE 083 9140 604) (SMS CAN to 34703) LEO: Jul 23 – Aug 24 Let your thoughts drift back be­cause the ex­er­cise will fur­nish you with a timely re­al­i­sa­tion. This is when vi­tal in­sights are gained through mem­o­ries that are re­lived, and you will find that you can build fresh dreams on that acu­men. (PHONE 083 9140 605) (SMS LEO to 34703)

VIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 23 Give se­ri­ous thought to re­al­is­ing your full po­ten­tial. You cer­tainly have the abil­ity to im­prove your im­age and per­for­mances. Find out how you can best get ahead dur­ing this promis­ing ses­sion. Place a strong ac­cent on self-pro­mo­tion. (PHONE 083 9140 606) (SMS VIR to 34703) LIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 23 Sooner or later, you will pros­per and should be some­what bet­ter off than you are now, if you step up your ef­fort at this point and man­age to main­tain a steady mo­men­tum. Look upon this phase as a turn­ing point in your search for se­cu­rity. (PHONE 083 9140 607) (SMS LIB to 34703)

SCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 23 You should be far more mo­bile, and you must spread your en­ergy more than usual in or­der to at­tain no­table re­sults. Con­sider new ac­tiv­i­ties since you are likely to find an in­ter­est­ing scheme with at­trac­tive and ex­pan­sive pos­si­bil­i­ties. (PHONE 083 9140 608) (SMS SCO to 34703) SAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 22 En­hanced common sense in­clines you to be much more struc­tured in your ap­proach to fam­ily and home and en­ables you to put do­mes­tic af­fairs on a far more se­cure foot­ing. Carry out your good in­ten­tions to­wards your loved ones with­out de­lay. (PHONE 083 9140 609) (SMS SAG to 34703) CAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 21 So­cial ac­tiv­ity ought to pro­ceed ac­cord­ing to your plans and hopes. New ac­quain­tances add sparkle to your life. Your ro­man­tic prospects have also moved up another notch, as­sum­ing you are on your own and hop­ing for a change of for­tune. (PHONE 083 9140 610) (SMS CAP to 34703) AQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 20 Take charge of the area of your life that is not giv­ing you much sat­is­fac­tion be­cause timely se­ri­ous at­ten­tion to it should prove very ef­fec­tive. Ask your­self what you re­ally want from it, and then move smartly to ful­fil that wish. (PHONE 083 9140 611) (SMS AQU to 34703)

PISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 21 Re­la­tion­ship mat­ters pro­ceed smoothly. Your in­ti­mate part­ner­ship should now be on an even keel. If you are look­ing for ro­mance, a chance to date some­one new to your so­cial scene will be tempt­ing, but do not rush things too far too quickly. (PHONE 083 9140 612) (SMS PIS to 34703)

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