Gumbi’s still stuck on love


WHILE re­al­ity shows about wed­ding pro­pos­als or ac­tual pro­ceed­ings are flour­ish­ing, the is­sue of live-in part­ners is satir­i­cally ex­plored in the sit­com Vat ’n Sit on eKasi+.

Once frowned upon in the past, many peo­ple are opt­ing for the vat ’n sit set-up for sev­eral rea­sons. For some, mar­riage is just too much of a com­mit­ment so liv­ing to­gether is a good way to give the re­la­tion­ship a test run. The think­ing is that if things work out then maybe the mar­riage, when things reach that stage, will work out too.

Oth­ers feel that in this era when some mar­riages are for only con­ve­nience, it be­comes costly to sign up for the “through sick­ness and health” route be­cause, in most cases, when it doesn’t work out you have to split your as­sets in half.

So that’s the premise of Vat ’n Sit, and since it is back for a sec­ond sea­son, it is worth look­ing at Trevor Gumbi’s role as the lead character, who is also called Gumbi.

Last sea­son we met the hi­lar­i­ous Thomas Gumbi who had big dreams of mar­ry­ing Mpho, the daugh­ter of the Tswana Royal Bafo­keng fam­ily. As ex­pected, the fam­ily would not hear any of this as they ex­pected their daugh­ter to be mar­ried off to some fam­ily that was as classy as theirs. And so the con­flict be­gan.

Since some peo­ple are of the no­tion that you do not choose who to love, it be­comes ob­vi­ous that Gumbi will not let go of the love he has for Mpho.

To con­vince her fam­ily that he is wor­thy of Mpho, Gumbi plans to start a bak­ery. How­ever, he soon re­alises that it takes more than just skill to run a business and since he knows noth­ing about the business side of his dreams, he re­alises just how much he still has to learn.

In this sea­son we meet Gumbi, still as en­thu­si­as­tic as ever, still blinded by his love for Mpho and driven to prove her par­ents wrong.

Look out for when he buys an old van to trans­port the goods for his business. What he over­looks is the fact that he doesn’t have a driver’s li­cence and that the ve­hi­cle’s age will be a prob­lem in the smooth run­ning of the business.

Hats off to Trevor who is un­doubt­edly the busiest man in the in­dus­try at present. Not only is he on Vat ’n Sit, but he can be found in sev­eral other shows. If he is not on stage killing it as a stand-up comic, the man is on Vuzu Amo’s re­al­ity mock­u­men­tary, Real Jozi A-Listers. He also has sev­eral movie projects so there is not a mo­ment to spare in this South African tal­ent’s life.

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