3 easy DIY ideas that will save you money

The Star Early Edition - - LIFESTYLE VERVE - PIC­TURES: MARC EN­GE­LEN/DIS – Karen Ten­nent

You will need:

● Old mag­a­zines

● Rib­bon

● Brown card

● Sticky tape

The how-to:

1 Tear pages out of mag­a­zines to use as pa­per, opt­ing for pages with sim­i­lar colours so your gift looks pol­ished. 2 Lay the pages flat and, plac­ing the sides to­gether, form a rec­tan­gle. Stick the pages to­gether with tape (use tape on one side only, so the out­side of the pa­per is tape free). 3 Wrap the gift, keep­ing the side of the pages with tape on the inside. 4 Cut a rec­tan­gu­lar gift tag out of brown card, punch­ing a hole in the top. 5 Tie rib­bon around the gift and at­tach the tag.

You will need:

● 1 coloured box

● Hand­ful of but­tons

● Plain card

● Craft glue

The how-to:

1 Glue but­tons onto the box in any pat­tern you like. You can use but­tons of a sim­i­lar size and colour, or a mixed vari­a­tion – what­ever ap­peals to you. 2 Cut a rec­tan­gu­lar gift tag out of the plain card and glue a but­ton onto the tag. 3 Once the but­tons dec­o­rat­ing the box are dry, glue the tag to the gift box top and voilà!

You will need:

● Dried fo­liage

● Shim­mery thread

● 1 brown pa­per bag or a roll of brown pa­per ● Sticky tape

● Plain card

● Glitter

The how-to:

1 Cut a brown pa­per bag down one side and at its base, flat­ten­ing it into a rec­tan­gle (or cut needed amount from pa­per roll). 2 Wrap gift as nor­mal, us­ing brown pa­per. 3 Gather fo­liage and tie to­gether with thread. 4 Wrap more thread around the gift. Then, at­tach the thread hold­ing the fo­liage to­gether to the thread at the top, cen­tre of the gift, to se­cure it. 5 Sprin­kle glitter over the fo­liage and at­tach a gift tag made from card.

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