The Star Early Edition - - TONIGHT COMICS - Tan­nah Hirsch

East-West vul­ner­a­ble. West deals. Open­ing lead: Jack of Di­a­monds

Hard Luck Louie was hop­ing his for­tunes would im­prove as he played in the club’s Satur­day du­pli­cate. He won the open­ing di­a­mond lead in hand with the ace and led a spade for a win­ning fi­nesse. Louie tried to cross back to his hand with a di­a­mond to re­peat the fi­nesse and dis­as­ter en­sued. West ruffed, gave part­ner a heart ruff, won the ace of clubs and gave East another heart ruff. Down one! Louie was heard mut­ter­ing that he should have gone bowl­ing. Lucky Larry played the same con­tract with the same lad. He also took the win­ning trump fi­nesse at trick two. Con­cerned about en­emy ruffs, he con­tin­ued with the ace of trumps. When the king dropped, it was clear sail­ing. The jack of spades was next, draw­ing the last trump, fol­lowed by the queen of di­a­monds. Larry took the marked fi­nesse for the 10 of di­a­monds and led the jack of hearts. West cov­ered with the king, dummy won the ace and Larry re­turned to hand with a di­a­mond to cash his re­main­ing trumps. This was the po­si­tion on the last trump:


The heart po­si­tion was known, so any dis­card by West on the last spade pre­sented Larry with

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