The Star Early Edition - - TONIGHTCOMICS - Tan­nah Hirsch

Both vul­ner­a­ble. South deals. Open­ing lead: Seven of Hearts

North got a bit too ex­cited when he heard part­ner open one no trump. The com­bined as­sets were 34-36 high-card points – enough for a small slam, but not usu­ally enough for a grand slam. Could South make it? South in­serted dummy’s nine of hearts at trick one in the faint hope that it would hold the trick. He won with the queen in hand after East played the 10. Need­ing at least some ex­tra tricks from the spade suit, de­clarer led the ace of spades at trick two. East found the ex­cel­lent falsecard of the 10 of spades! Look­ing at the good spade spots in dummy, East was try­ing to cre­ate the il­lu­sion that he started with queen-10 dou­ble­ton. South was in no rush to fall for this. He tried to get a count on the hand by cash­ing two more high hearts, all three di­a­monds and the two high clubs. He learnt that East started with four hearts, at least three di­a­monds and at least two clubs. A third club was likely and it was pos­si­ble for East to have started with at least one four-card mi­nor suit. It was cer­tainly pos­si­ble that East had started with short­ness in spades. A sin­gle­ton 10 would do de­clarer no good – West’s queen wouldn’t fall and he wouldn’t have enough tricks. After great thought, South played a spade to dummy’s king and went down three. Nice de­fense!

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