Re­vamp sys­tem to cre­ate inclusive so­ci­ety

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IF YOU keep us­ing a sys­tem that is bro­ken you will al­ways lose.

Our eco­nomic, po­lit­i­cal and le­gal sys­tems are cor­rupt and rot­ten to the core.

It is these very sys­tems which are rigged for the 0.01per­cent that are keep­ing us in chains of servi­tude.

We have be­come debt and wage slaves to a sys­tem which only serves the elite.

As long as you’re stuck in the zoo play­ing by the rules of their game you’ll never win.

Only by chang­ing the game can we truly re­claim our free­dom.

What I am call­ing for is an eq­ui­table and just so­ci­ety with no more cor­rupt politi­cians evad­ing jus­tice with the help of our cor­rupt ju­di­ciary and leg­is­la­ture sys­tem whom they pay with money pos­si­bly com­ing from elites such as the Gup­tas.

I am call­ing for a sys­tem MANY of us will be start­ing our new year with the aim of los­ing weight. I have a so­lu­tion.

As a for­eigner with crit­i­cal skills, I’ve been try­ing to ob­tain a visa from the Depart­ment of Home Af­fairs since late 2014.

The ma­jor­ity of the de­lay has been due to two in­stances of ad­min­is­tra­tive over­sight by the depart­ment, the lat­ter be­ing re­ceipt of a re­jec­tion let­ter for a type of visa for which I did not ap­ply. in which cor­rupt in­di­vid­u­als such as Ja­cob Zuma are put in chains.

How much longer will we al­low him and his cronies to de­stroy our beau­ti­ful coun­try?

Our eco­nomic sys­tem is fraught with prob­lems and im­per­fec­tions.

It is un­for­tu­nate that after 22 years of democ­racy the sys­tem of ex­clu­sion and marginal­i­sa­tion of apartheid largely re­mains in­tact.

In 2015 we saw the emer­gence of the #FMF stu­dent move­ment. This forced us as a so­ci­ety to re­alise the true hor­rors of poverty and in­equal­ity so many youths face.

The time has come for all South Africans to unite un­der one ban­ner.

How long will we sit in com­plic­ity and com­pla­cency while the wealth of the coun­try is pil­laged by fat cat

We have be­come debt slaves to a sys­tem that only serves the elite

elites? There is a des­per­ate need for change on a so­ci­etal level. Our po­lit­i­cal, eco­nomic and le­gal sys­tems need to be re­vamped in or­der to cre­ate a sys­tem which is truly inclusive to all.

I re­alise we as hu­man be­ings are afraid of change and the un­known, but what we should be afraid of is a sys­tem which threat­ens the sanc­ti­tyof life, cre­ates vast in­equal­i­ties be­tween the rich and the poor and de­stroys the mid­dle class. Bloem­fontein not ap­ply (Septem­ber 1, 2016) and more re­cently with the di­rec­tor-gen­eral, to no avail.

Does South Africa want peo­ple with “crit­i­cal skills”? Is the Depart­ment of Home Af­fairs on the same page?

The depart­ment has pre­vented me from earn­ing a liv­ing for over a year. No work, no in­come, no food, hence dra­matic weight loss.

Yours, very thin (and I was not fat to be­gin with), Bryanston

CROOKED? Atul Gupta at an ANC congress in Man­gaung, Bloem­fontein. There is need for an eq­ui­table and just so­ci­ety in which no cor­rupt politi­cian evades jus­tice, pos­si­bly with fi­nan­cial as­sis­tance from wealthy as­so­ciates like the Gup­tas, says the writer.

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