ANC’s cred­i­bil­ity is dwin­dling

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THE ANC’s 105th an­niver­sary state­ment was empty, with re­hashed con­tent. It was full of the old rhetoric about the his­tory of the ANC.

As a gov­ern­ing party it gave no di­rec­tion for the fu­ture of this coun­try – this clearly ex­pos­ing the ANC as a party which has lost its di­rec­tion.

In­stead the speech was dom­i­nated by calls for unity in the ranks of the ANC and the al­liance – this is a sign there are big di­vi­sions within the ANC and with its al­liance.

It is ironic that the man call­ing for unity of the ANC is the very man who di­vides the party. It is dur­ing his term as ANC pres­i­dent that the party had two break­aways, Cope and the EFF, with the pos­si­bil­ity of the party hav­ing a third break­away party lurk­ing on the hori­zon.

Its al­liance part­ner, Cosatu, also split in the mid­dle un­der Zuma.

It is so sad that the ANC is mak­ing a big noise about fill­ing up the Or­lando Sta­dium with a ca­pac­ity of 40 000 – far smaller than the FNB sta­dium, which is more than dou­ble the size of Or­lando sta­dium. We un­der­stand their ex­cite­ment, be­cause they know that it was an up­hill bat­tle to fill the sta­dium. More and more the meet­ings of the ANC are held in smaller venues than be­fore.

The once pow­er­ful lib­er­a­tion move­ment has lost cred­i­bil­ity among the peo­ple. Since af­ter the un­ban­ning of the ANC in 1990, they had all the time gath­ered at the FNB sta­dium and had no dif­fi­culty to fill it to ca­pac­ity.

The ANC lead­er­ship does not want to ac­cept that the party’s leader, Mr Zuma, has be­come a li­a­bil­ity to the party. Veter­ans and gen­uine mem­bers of the party turned their backs on the cel­e­bra­tions.

Their con­spic­u­ous ab­sence com­mu­ni­cated a mes­sage that they were not go­ing to lis­ten to a dis­cred­ited per­son like Zuma. He talked about the most revered leader of the ANC, Oliver Tambo.

Zuma’s ac­tions are a far cry from those of Mr Oliver Tambo. The old man must be turn­ing in his grave as he is grossly mis­rep­re­sented.

The most dis­grace­ful thing to Cope is that Zuma is talk­ing about Oliver Tambo as if he has the author­ity to do so and the ma­jor­ity of the coun­try knows that he Zuma does not have the moral author­ity to talk about Tambo.

A house di­vided will never stand.

A di­vided ANC will never stand.

With the dwin­dling sup­port we are wit­ness­ing, the ANC has no other con­se­quence but to fall and dis­ap­pear. Cope spokesman

SUP­PORT: Mem­bers cel­e­brate the ANC’s 105th birth­day at Or­lando Sta­dium on Sun­day.

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