Dou­ble stan­dards re­gard­ing racism

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YES­TER­DAY, pag­ing through my neigh­bour’s dis­carded copy of The Star of De­cem­ber 21, I was sur­prised by the hate­ful ed­i­to­rial, “Slap on wrist for racist?”

List­ing quite a few in­de­fen­si­ble racist com­ments by whites, the ar­ti­cle ends by a sug­gest­ing more strin­gent laws with tougher sen­tences to curb their (whites’) be­hav­iour.

I can­not fault this sug­ges­tion, but I should like to sug­gest that it be made ap­pli­ca­ble to all racists, not only whites.

In that same month, I sub­mit­ted three racist Face­book posts to the Hu­man Rights Com­mis­sion for ad­ju­di­ca­tion:

The first one sug­gested killing 15 per­cent of the white pop­u­la­tion, in­creas­ing the per­cent­age by five each year, un­til no sin­gle white per­son was left.

Sec­ond was an­other black, propos­ing the killing of all white grand­moth­ers, raping all white women and stuff­ing all white chil­dren into ovens and switch­ing them on, thus fry­ing them alive.

Num­ber three sug­gested first raping white fe­males, then forc­ing th­ese women to “suck our dicks” be­fore killing them.

There is also a re­cent Face­book post, threat­en­ing to cut whites into 50 pieces each, and af­ter they die from pain, cook­ing them as food for their dogs.

How come th­ese re­marks or posts never make head­lines in the me­dia?

Is no­body charged, shamed and fined un­less the of­fender hap­pens to be white? Dow­er­glen, Eden­vale

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