How did dis­eases get into hu­mans?

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IN THEIR re­sponse to my De­cem­ber 7 let­ter “Toxic Aids tri­als highly un­eth­i­cal”, pro­fes­sors Glenda Gray and Linda Gail Bekker and doc­tors Fa­tima La­her and Mookho Malahleha say the let­ter “de­serves a re­sponse be­cause of its highly inac­cu­rate al­le­ga­tions” (The Star, 13 De­cem­ber).

They say not to in­vest in bio­med­i­cal in­ter­ven­tions that have the po­ten­tial to dent the epi­demic would be un­eth­i­cal. What about those sci­en­tists who con­tend that in­ject­ing these toxic sub­stances into in­fants is a crime against hu­man­ity? Vac­cines are like a witch’s brew.

Have they paused to think how dis­eases such as TB, small­pox, po­lio, leukemia, and a host of other dis­eases got into hu­mans? Small­pox vac­cines were made from cat­tle cells and cows have bovine visna virus and tu­ber­cu­lo­sis. They can’t sug­gest they have not stud­ied the his­tory of vaccination cam­paigns that be­gan 200 years ago with small­pox vac­ci­na­tions. They can’t sug­gest they are not aware of the as­so­ci­a­tion be­tween vaccination cam­paigns and the out­break of dis­eases. There is vast med­i­cal lit­er­a­ture on this.

In 1916 and 1918, there were out­breaks of dis­eases trig­gered by vac­ci­na­tions. Be­tween 1950 and 1953, an SV40 vac­cine was tested in Uganda and Congo and was fol­lowed by what is called slim dis­ease a few years later.

The Lon­don Times of May 11 1987 car­ried a front­page story about vaccination cam­paigns con­ducted be­tween 1967 and 1970 in Africa which were fol­lowed by an Aids-like epi­demic. In 1978 in the US, gay peo­ple were vac­ci­nated with Hepati­tis B vac­cine and de­vel­oped an AIDS-like dis­ease. That’s prob­a­bly why Dr James A Shan­non of the Na­tional In­sti­tute of Health said: “The only safe vac­cine is a vac­cine that is never used.”

Are they not aware of the Pol­ish study pub­lished on Au­gust 2 2013 that con­firmed that vac­cines can cause a large num­ber of ad­verse ef­fects? It pointed to the wors­en­ing state of health of the child pop­u­la­tion since the 1960s which co­in­cided with in­creas­ingly in­tro­duced vac­ci­na­tions.

Al­ler­gic dis­eases, in­clud­ing asthma, au­toim­mune dis­eases, di­a­betes and many neu­ro­log­i­cal dys­func­tions – dif­fi­culty in learn­ing, ADD, ADHD, seizures and autism – are chronic con­di­tions to which at­ten­tion has been brought. Kagiso


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