A very wel­come dif­fer­ence of a protest…

But Yolanda should in­sist on 3 year com­pli­ance


IREFER to the ar­ti­cle: “Stu­dent pro­tester takes on McDon­ald’s and wins” in Busi­ness Re­port, Jan­uary 17. How re­fresh­ing to read of a protest that is not sub­jec­tive, not vi­o­lent, not de­struc­tive, does not in­volve “rent a crowd”, does not dis­rupt traf­fic and is for a very good cause, ie against an­i­mal cru­elty.

Beauty with­out Cru­elty and the power be­hind the protest, Yolanda Guse, need to be con­grat­u­lated on what they have achieved.

I am sure that there are plenty more protests that she can lead in re­gard to an­i­mal cru­elty. eg I have seen yo­ghurt ad­ver­tised as “Free Range”, what­ever that might mean.

I have to as­sume that this term ap­plies to the cows sup­ply­ing the ba­sic milk and not to the bac­te­ria used to cre­ate yo­ghurt. If so, it im­plies that there is a yo­ghurt that is not “Free Range”, which would in­di­cate that some cows are kept penned up, which is un­ac­cept­able.

Yolanda should be on guard though. McDon­ald’s claim that by the year 2025 they will be fully com­pli­ant with caged-free eggs. McDon­ald’s have put up a smoke­screen, hop­ing that in eight years time Yolanda and her group will have for­got­ten their cause and have gone away.

Yolanda should in­sist on three years, ie 2020, that is plenty of time to ef­fect a change. Oth­er­wise a to­tal boy­cott of McDon­ald’s should be pro­moted.

A hid­den bonus of all this, as the ar­ti­cle refers to, is that ex­tra em­ploy­ment will be needed to col­lect caged-free eggs. South Africa is in des­per­ate need of em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties.

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